Post Christmas Blues

The week after Christmas can leave one in limbo, an awkward in-between kind of time. After all, did one not plan for the season weeks in advance for the ambience of joy and togetherness and it all comes to an abrupt halt.  No wonder many vow and swear never to get caught up with the madness again, but fortunately there are 11 months ahead to “get over it”!

And so one stands staring glassy-eyed at mountains of gifts, crumpled up gift paper and those ridiculous lights still blinking on the tree, not to mention the mutilated proverbial turkey essential to the Christmas fare.

Then comes the kids, after the excitement of Christmas morning who optimistically promise to tidy up and find it in themselves to scrape out leftover food.  Most of it, of course left to the parents !

Anxiety is not a pleasant emotion at this time of year exacerbated by the fact that the darned string of decorations refuse to fit back in the box, no refunds for gifts are permitted as decent friends and relatives would never insult by including a sales docket in your parcel and the final blow being the arrival of that marvellously helpfully piece of plastic called the credit card.

One has no choice but to accept that the hype of the season will come to an end and a deflated feeling can result but opportunities await.

Becoming active is a great blues buster, be it a routine visit to the gym,  clearing out cupboards and donating to the poor or revamping one’s diet after all the sweet treats.

Many charities accept unwanted items and even Christmas cards are recycled contributing to the environment.

Buying a new year diary is an excellent idea to plan events ahead arousing positive emotions. Looking ahead and making plans all contribute to a great 2018.

Lastly, there is no need for post-Christmas sadness, for the start of the new year is upon us.

Many special occasions lie ahead in the new year and the ease of choosing gifts from the Matsimela range will give enormous pleasure to young and old alike.

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