This week we take a break from beauty products and examine a debilitating emotion boredom which can leave one with a feeling of hopelessness and despair and can rob one of ones sense of purpose and direction. Instead of feeling the ecstasy of timelessness, one feels trapped in the slowness of time. Alternatively, people whose… Continue Reading

In a highly competitive industry, no company can afford to stagnate. MATSIMELA is at the forefront backed by scientific research, introducing four new products to boost skin health and fight age related symptoms. The saying “from the top of one’s head to the tip of one’s toes“ is truly significant when focusing on overall body… Continue Reading

For more than 14 years, MatsiMela has been committed to creating unique and ever-evolving product ranges incorporating the finest natural ingredients selected for their beneficial properties. It was with this vision in mind that the new hand and foot care range was specifically formulated with a range of actives essential for rejuvenation, protection and active… Continue Reading

We consumers, who walk the aisles of major health and cosmetic outlets in search of quality, tried and tested beauty products often come away confused and disillusioned. How then can this be avoided and give confidence in making a correct purchase? This week’s blog will attempt to give clarity and knowledge coupled with scientific research… Continue Reading

Nostalgia can be described as a warm, fuzzy feeling related to past events, usually of a pleasurable nature. Perhaps one typical example is an elderly person hearing some music from his or her era arousing a feeling of rapture to partially block out all present fears and concerns. Even children can be sticklers to adhering… Continue Reading

Scientists and biologists are forever engaged in research seeking answers to retard the aging process and age related illnesses like arthritis, liver dysfunction, stroke, diabetes, Parkinsons disease, heart complaints and many more. Now chemicals extracted from various plants could offer a break through. Six groups of molecules from certain plants appear to have the most… Continue Reading

Life amongst others can at times be like walking across a minefield and the most tiresome are those who babble on incessantly. Conversation between people is normal and pleasant with an exchange of ideas and humour, until the over talkative one enters the scenario. It is dubious whether any of us have had the good… Continue Reading

With summer fast approaching and with South Africans’ love of the outdoors, this week’s content seems appropriate. The seven visible light rays emerging from the sun are quite magnificent; disappearing at night and re-awakening at dawn arousing hope and sustenance of life. Avoided by some, worshiped by others, attitudes towards the sun’s rays have always… Continue Reading

Hitting back and biting back can arouse enormous satisfaction, but does revenge really bring self-gratification? Let us consider what factors then arouse revenge? Persons with vibrant emotions who flare up quickly will perceive injustice to self. Other individuals having been deeply hurt, facing unjust criticism or maybe an unfair legal complaint having being lodged. Even… Continue Reading


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