At present, we are all caught up in an enduring, unpleasant pandemic and according to the powers that be, we are forced to wear the most un-glamorous “garb” labeled face masks, albeit that weird and wonderful variety do exist! This week, we will explore some possible physical and emotional outcomes that humans must endure. According to the… Continue Reading

As far back as 1910, a pageant was held in Cape Town organized by a magazine ‘South African ladies home journal 1910’ with each of the 4 provinces sending a representative, bearing in mind that multi-coloured contestants were still a long way off. However, Miss Universe of 2019 was a black woman from South Africa… Continue Reading

Due to human beings intensity to farm, mine, extend human settlements, attack the forests for timber and create huge swaths of land for commerce, this has had a great impact on all living creatures and sadly is intensifying. Scientists remind us continually how destruction is resulting in a huge impact on the environment and detrimental… Continue Reading

Some have magnificent shapes and colours, others bland and ordinary, but critical is the safety of ingesting them. According to evolution, fungi have ancient origins, most likely having appeared one billion years ago long before plants and animals existed. Many cultures used hallucinogenic fungi in religious rituals, the Aztecs calling them “the flesh of the… Continue Reading

Prophecy and ritual were common place, and earlier folk believed that disasters carried other-worldly messages. God sent illnesses to communicate punishment for wrongdoing.  Other reasons like the devil or mal-alignment of the planet were justifications too. Transgressors would often have to provide a priest and an unblemished animal for sacrifice. The black death was the… Continue Reading

Considerable growth is expected in the industry going forward to 2023; this being expected by the top markets being China, Japan, India, USA, and Brazil. Though make-up sales have decreased somewhat, skincare is on the rise due to the fear of early aging. Exfoliates, serums, anti-aging creams, especially those being infused with CBD have become… Continue Reading

Sadly, Homo sapiens have consistently ignored all warnings and continued ruthlessly to destroy the planet. Huge areas of vegetation and forestation having been destroyed, leaving swaths of barren land or mechanisms set in place for man’s advantage, resulting in degradation of the ecosystem. Pollution and over-population have caused global warming and even ocean acidification due… Continue Reading

Some horrendous stories exist due to poor oral hygiene, which is unavoidable in  view of today’s expertise and yet some will plod on through a lifetime with the most ghastly canines ! Humans have only 2 sets of teeth, the outer enamel being the hardest part of the body, and the average time spent caring… Continue Reading

Once upon a time, especially in Hollywood, high-earning actresses and other affluent women and men for that matter wore magnificent diamond jewelry. Today, the demand for diamonds has dropped significantly as crystals are now in demand. In ancient times, due to junks of rock coming from outer space and being under great pressure on earth… Continue Reading

In order to define an algorism, put simply, it takes input (for example an ingredient) which produces an outcome (the completed recipe). Algorisms are associated with artificial intelligence, abbreviated to AI which is ever increasing in the business arena to create patterns that predict the future and can even capture human behaviour. In the realm… Continue Reading