An interesting topic indeed. Insects, bugs, however one wishes to label them are here to stay (or so we think) and although they overrule, the human population should perhaps be viewed in a different light; that being the relentless onslaught on their existence. One has to admit that some are quite cute, others seen as… Continue Reading

There is a famous saying “we are never happy with who we are and what we have“. This week’s content will focus on three ethnic groups; the Chinese, Indians and Latinos and we examine the do’s and the don’ts, the likes and dislikes that affect their cultural identities. Asian people are the largest ethnic group… Continue Reading

Although every human has stem cells to some degree, these are generally thought of as reserve cells and they do deplete with the passing of time. What highlights their unique qualities is their ability to change structure into different body cells; the process known as differentiation. Although stem cell therapy is still in its infancy,… Continue Reading

Fear not, you are not going crazy! There is no urgency to rush off to consult a psychiatrist as unexplained loss occurs to all of us at some stage of our lives, neither have the bulk of us ever played magician to materialize those items! When objects disappear, for what reason do they inexplicably reappear?… Continue Reading

Uses of Arnica Oil Arnica oil is an oil that can be applied on the skin to treat a variety of ailments. Sore muscles, bruises, joint pain, inflammation or swelling can all be treated with the application of arnica oil. Arnica oil is made from a dark yellow flower, called Arnica Montana, growing in certain… Continue Reading

Generally speaking, a Jitter-bug refers to an over active individual, one who might even be termed “hyped”. This could of course have implications on the lifestyle and health of the person and on those of others closely associated. Medically speaking, the thyroid gland could play a role resulting in hyperthyroidism, remedied with particular drugs. However,… Continue Reading

Readers might wonder as did I regarding the origins of this rather unusual phrase. This is a metaphor that seems to resonate in the business world and to get to grips with this one has to shift ones thoughts way back in time to the realization that Notre Dame cathedral in Paris took 182 years… Continue Reading

OCD is an abbreviation for ‘obsessive compulsive behaviour’ and the term is widely used to describe people with rather abnormal structured habits or lifestyles. In a broader sense, some of the following examples may clarify : Your daughter if fanatically tidy about her home, your mother-in-law stresses about not having closed the garage door and… Continue Reading

It is said that the only constant thing is change; this rapidly escalating in the food industry finding it hard to keep abreast. For one thing, home cooking is less favourable than in the past – in other words “eating out beats eating in” due to a fast paced world ` so little wonder that… Continue Reading

Living in the tropics may seem appealing but comes with many issues especially skin complaints, this to be discussed at a later stage. However, humans are essentially tropical creatures and not well equipped to deal with even mild cold according to some anthropologists. Living as sheltered as possible and wearing suitable clothing is a good… Continue Reading


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