Liquids for Life

Liquids for life Many people now believe that water, not bread is the staff of life as without it no living organisms can survive for long. This essential liquid plays a vital role in religion and belief, being used in prayer and in rituals. In Animism, indigenous peoples have a great respect for water whereas… Continue Reading

SELF PERCEPTION Billions are poured into the beauty industry every year and the advantages relating to self-image are huge, yet so much grief can result due to the pursuit of perfection. To navigate the social universe, ones needs to know what others think of one and much depends on self image. The ability to intuit… Continue Reading

PHOBIAS The word phobia can mean many things but can generally be defined as a repeated involvement or engagement with rewarding stimuli. A phobia can also be described as an irrational fear or extreme aversion to a situation that one would avoid at all costs and about 300 phobias have been diagnosed. If it is… Continue Reading

OUR MARINE WORLD A celebration takes place during the month of October each year, the purpose being to create awareness of the coastal environment and the importance of conservation and sustainability of their resources. The Environmental and Tourism departments are the lead drivers. The South African oceans and coasts are in line with global heritage… Continue Reading

ECO FASHION, THE NEW DESIGN TREND The cutting edge of going green is gaining momentum. At London fashion week more sustainable types of garments were on show and newer “Luxe materials” can now be manufactured from discarded waste from fruits. Grape skins, seeds and stems tossed out by the wine industry are now being converted… Continue Reading

Sandalwood has, over the years, become a remarkably popular ingredient in many health products. Lauded for the impressive number of benefits to the human body and mind, this ingredient can be found almost everywhere. But don’t take my word for it! To help you understand why you should be including this exceptional ingredient in your… Continue Reading

Keeping pace in a turbo charged world sometimes means going against the stream. In previous times one’s association with people was vastly different, but the rules of the game have changed as we are now trying to keep up with ourselves. This sense of urgency can be connected to technological advances. Even our perception of… Continue Reading

Activated charcoal is a lot like coal made from naturally carbon rich materials like wood, bamboo and coconut shells, heated at high temperatures minus oxygen, the end product being a fine, tasteless powder, rendering it most porous. it is functional not through absorption, but rather adsorption, meaning that particles attach to a surface. The earliest… Continue Reading

The background of planet earth developing growth is complex, however the experts state that primitive greenery such as mosses appeared 130 million years ago. Rewinding in time, around 500 million years prior to this, green algae floating in shallow coastal waters adapted when reaching dry land resulting in the early formation of roots. Todays flowering… Continue Reading

Along with winter comes a lot of essential clutter like coats, scarves, leggings, boots and so on. Although having to face dressing is a rather laborious process Winter can be embraced positively for enjoyable and healthy activities one being more energized at this time of year. Some may relish the idea of bedding down earlier… Continue Reading


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