The word ‘cosmetic’ means to improve appearance or in another context, relates to the superficial. Whatever the interpretation, the beauty industry is enormous and expanding as women of all cultures behold these as daily essentials ! Some details that enhance appearance follows ` Foundations These come in many forms. A good one should melt into… Continue Reading

Suffice to say that we are all saturated with this current issue, a “hot topic“ is now doing the rounds, resulting in much research regarding the virus. The information is satisfactory to many, whilst masses remain doubtful and are suspicious of the answers given. The blatant response that the virus originated in China set the… Continue Reading

It is exciting that the cosmetic industry is veering away from “artificial” as foraged items are now being used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Innovators are taking advantage of ingredients from wild plants and unfarmed land. The result is that these ingredients offer nutrients grown in virgin, fertile soil. Furthermore “wildcrafted” is not some mumbo-jumbo… Continue Reading

I think one can safely say, that for a number of reasons, that memory is invaluable to mankind. Recurring happy memories tend to dull life’s more stressful issues. They too can warn one of the previous events, problematic actions, acting as a red light, or observing signs like “do not enter”! We are well aware… Continue Reading

This week’s content will commence with physical stress, particularly on one’s skin. Considering skins 300 million year evolution, this fragile layer in many ways makes us who we are. It is, after all the largest organ of the body, so little wonder the issues will crop up. The Covid19 pandemic arouses not only emotional issues… Continue Reading

As Christmas approaches, Christians worldwide will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, worshipping and strengthening his message for the wellbeing of mankind. However, it is interesting to consider some other faiths that too require devotion and prayer. For example, Lord Krishna is one of the most widely revered in the Indian community ` he… Continue Reading

It appears that there are many opinions to verify this and if manipulation is ongoing, much confusion and distrust arise in the public arena. Many issues arise because journalists need sensational and dramatic content and therefore publish eye-catching articles. Adding to this, the public, in general, is quick to catch on to traumatic broadcasts and… Continue Reading

It is hardly necessary to emphasize once again that exposure to the sun is a major contributor to damaged skin, no doubt why today’s elderly who were obsessed with having a suntan developed unsightly wrinkles, having earned the rather unpleasant label “crinkle cuts”! Time to consider other issues of which readers may not be aware.… Continue Reading

Human beings tend to have emotional and even irrational attachments to items; take for example coffee mugs! Apparently, a large percentage of people in the west are devastated if a cherished mug is chipped, broken, or goes missing. This can arouse an increase in temperature, sweating, and even panic! This might sound bizarre but it… Continue Reading

The word contemplate means ‘to look at or view with continued attention; observe or study thoughtfully, to consider thoroughly; think fully or deeply about’. To improve oneself can be quite a task due to the demands of life and even more challenging if one is self-critical, but a new year can in due course be… Continue Reading


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