At present, we are all caught up in an enduring, unpleasant pandemic and according to the powers that be, we are forced to wear the most un-glamorous “garb” labeled face masks, albeit that weird and wonderful variety do exist! This week, we will explore some possible physical and emotional outcomes that humans must endure. According to the… Continue Reading

Some experts say that memories can be unreliable and could merely be our embroidering on some distant occurrence. On the other hand, others are of the opinion that the brain can retain far more than we realize, and much depends on how far back these occurred. Memories are generally more stable in the brain during… Continue Reading

A strange feeling may overcome one, with a perception of a new year looming, and can be quite daunting. Yet facing up to the fact that January the 1st is really just another day in terms of the calendar should arouse some comfort. Unfortunately, negativity can hang over one like fog but can be overcome… Continue Reading

Whether kept simple or elaborate, this is a joyful time for many to be with family and friends. South Africans, like many other nations, have their traditional celebrations, though the good old braai sidelines a multitude of competitive issues such as putting up the “most stunning Christmas tree”,  best table décor not to forget the imported… Continue Reading

For many years, scientists have mulled over the idea that the world would be a better place if human organs were used in a process of cloning, bringing the human race closer to perfection.   The basic concept is that illness and disease would be eradicated, and sharing genetic material could reverse aging and organs would… Continue Reading

OUD pronounced OOD, is one of the most expensive cosmetics and health commodities on the planet, being more valuable than gold !!  It is available in two forms, wood, and resin, the latter used in the manufacture of perfumes. Getting down to basics, the bulk of the trees are grown in Vietnam and are not… Continue Reading

AI is fundamental to driving many industries in the future which also allows for massive purchases online; certainly, time-saving in a world where time is fleeting. Though mankind has generally feared the rise of machines, compromising his or her talents, this has proven to be the opposite. AI is now empowering the 4th industrial revolution! AI… Continue Reading

The Nose is a perfumery expert trained for seven years in the concepts of fragrance aesthetics; there being 7 labelled olfactory families. The knowledge ensures expertise in many areas,  the expert is even able to distinguish the mix of fragrances within one perfume be they a combination of woody, floral spicey,  citrus of fruity. The… Continue Reading

With waste being a huge issue, packaging of the future should be cruelty-free, correctly recycled, easily degradable and should clients be adaptable, bring their own bags for their purchases. Should businesses have the logo FSC, organic ingredients would have come from well-managed forests. With a greater number of “no fuss” rules being put in place for… Continue Reading

In very primitive times, packaging as we know it today could be considered rather outlandish. Food for example was found and then consumed, this being somewhat a catch, prepare, and eat function. Much knowledge was needed to avoid toxins, little known of, other than illness and death being a result. Nature provided  “containers” like gourds,… Continue Reading