Epigenetics is basically a system of turning genes on and off for the ultimate creation of a life. The discovery of DNA enhanced the understanding of life and its great complexities. Further understanding of DNA has resulted in a new field of scientific study known as epigenetics; a simple example is how DNA is fixed… Continue Reading

Despite millions of years of evolution and development as human beings, the role of decisions relies heavily on emotions; be they positive or negative, the latter not to be ignored. Positive emotions are known to be good for health as is enthusiasm which can be “catchy” inspiring others who may suffer from lethargy. Hope is… Continue Reading

This phrase could well refer to our present situation, the “lock-down“ we are experiencing due to the corona virus. Sadly, for many a state of isolation hinders access to normality and this distancing for some can have adverse social and mental effects. Naturally, there will be less chance of face to face communication and debate… Continue Reading

Once the present Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, many will attempt to resume normality by walking in groups, attending gym and other methods of keeping healthy. Perhaps now is a good time to be reminded of alternate ways to restore balance in one’s health due to the stress the lockdown may have caused. Healing oneself, with… Continue Reading

Presently, and for all the right reasons, there is much fear of contagion that we tend to overlook in that all other health conditions and diseases still exist. Many of those are curable by anti-biotics and a range of prescribed medications. However, this is an excellent time to re-consider the wonders of nature, delivering relief… Continue Reading

Because we are experiencing difficult times, tolerance is essential due to the strains of the moment, and we have no doubt, altered our perceptions of life since the corona virus has caused havoc worldwide. The dictionary states ‘tolerance has the ability to acknowledge the existence of situations that one dislikes or disagrees with’. And this… Continue Reading

Special occasions come around each year with such regularity that it is at times quite difficult for a writer to gather up some new information. Therefore writing about traditional items like bunnies, hot cross buns and religion, the latter certainly not to be overlooked being essential to the Christian calendar, can be rather tiresome, with… Continue Reading

At times, it is hard to believe how very different life was in ancient times. For one thing, personal health products were unknown, but research has shown that earlier civilizations contrary to some belief did bath, kept clean and tried to smell pleasant. In fact, in some societies rules were in place such as the… Continue Reading

Should you have a love of spices for culinary uses and would like to experiment at home incorporating these into cosmetics then do read on, as this weeks content will inform readers of some interesting blends. However, please note that some are potent enough to cause flare-ups and is therefore critical to know one’s skin… Continue Reading

A simple definition would describe ‘burnout’ as a lack of fuel thus resulting in limited performance or break down of a commodity. Unfortunately the “commodities” we speak of are our fellow human beings and millions of people miss work daily due to fatigue and stress; this taking a toll on businesses and family life. It… Continue Reading


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