Hacks for healthy skin

Eat a healthy diet There is a huge industry that is dedicated to products that keep your skin looking great, and which claim to fight those signs of aging. But your moisturisers are only able to go skin deep, and aging unfortunately, develops at a deeper cellular level. What you put in your body by… Continue Reading

A NEW YEAR, A NEW ME ! This might sound rather self-indulgent, but change can be well deserved and is truly invigorating. To celebrate self, need not be some hedonistic ritual, but a way to maximize resources and share with friends and your community. Some sadness may exist in saying goodbye to 2018, some only… Continue Reading

NOSTALGIA As we reach the end of another year, reminiscing about the months gone by is not such a bad thing. After all life experiences are vital to one’s outlook on life, social behaviour, general attitudes, levels of confidence and in attempting to come to terms with a crazy mix of emotions ! Sharing memories… Continue Reading

QUIRKY CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS AROUND THE WORLD In South Africa we are pretty much traditional in the way that we celebrate Christmas, much of which has been inherited due to colonial influences. However others around the world are very proud of their own traditions, so tinsel, reindeer and red clothed Santa’s do not reign supreme. In… Continue Reading

THE COUNT DOWN TO CHRISTMAS Being totally realistic, time is now tight and many will be in a flurry with 1 week left to achieve that which begins to look more like the impossible. However, this is no time to be overcome with nervous exhaustion so hopefully some shopping tips and precautions below will bring… Continue Reading

SEVEN OF THE WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE GIFTS EVER GIVEN With Christmas fast approaching, many are in a quandary as to what gifts will suit particular recipients, be they one’s spouse, lover, child or perhaps to outdo some others in the echelons of prosperity or merely a show of generosity with or without any expectations of… Continue Reading

SPRING HAS SPRUNG AND SO HAVE THE ALLERGIES! A delightful time, but for many a nightmare due to the discomfort of allergic reactions. Irritating as what they are, there are solutions. Though one cannot select the air one inhales there are solutions to other problems as discussed in the article. Hay fever, itchy eyes, allergic… Continue Reading

MENOPAUSAL SKIN Aging skin is a major concern for menopausal women. It affects self confidence, wellbeing and relationships. When signs of dryness, wrinkling and sagging contours become evident, many will resort to Botox, fillers, threading and so on. The question arises, how long will these sustain rapidly aging skin? As much as 30% of collagen… Continue Reading

Liquids for life Many people now believe that water, not bread is the staff of life as without it no living organisms can survive for long. This essential liquid plays a vital role in religion and belief, being used in prayer and in rituals. In Animism, indigenous peoples have a great respect for water whereas… Continue Reading

SELF PERCEPTION Billions are poured into the beauty industry every year and the advantages relating to self-image are huge, yet so much grief can result due to the pursuit of perfection. To navigate the social universe, ones needs to know what others think of one and much depends on self image. The ability to intuit… Continue Reading


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