‘She said come in, the water is warmer.

The nights are long and getting warmer.’

Such are the sentiments of a poet, ecstatic about leaving behind a European winter!

Being in the tropics, the garb is no doubt casual. Mainly cotton clothing and “underdressing “ unless invited on a High-class yacht! The joys of casualty.

The choices of tropical foods are never-ending; pawpaws off the trees, mangoes, litchees, and melons galore.

The magnificence of the tropical forest, the ecosystem home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity, small and large creatures not seen before.

The casualness of easy living and regarding females is far less competition as usual!

However, there is a downside to all aspects of life, and constant life in the tropics could arouse any of the following and more.

The boredom of humid summers all year round, considerably more rainfall, mould arousing musty cupboards, “creepy crawlies“ that make some shudder, and the chance of natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes. Sea salt creates havoc with electronic items & fungal environments that affect the skin are evident too.

The upside of a humid climate is the skin is hydrated & these higher moisture levels in the air enhance cell turnover, contributing towards healthy & happy skin.

Having the experience of many parts of the world is a real privilege and if impossible, technology takes one far and wide whilst in the comfort of one’s own home.