Human beings are creatures of habit and we get a great deal of comfort from routine, so why then should we attempt to change it.
This will be discussed later in the article.
Habits may also be termed rituals and patterns of behaviour that allow one to carry out everyday activities or routines without thinking why.
The reason for returning to old habits so often is due to neural pathways established which are not deleted.

So much of what we do is determined not so much by decision but by habit and these activities actually free up resources for our brains to carry out more complex tasks such as problem solving.

Humans get a great deal of comfort from routine and to change it is no easy task.

Ever tried to change an old troublesome habit? If so welcome to the human race ! Old habits die hard because the brain creates storage neural circuits and this may seem as if we are doomed to live on automatic pilot !

A particular psychologist stated that if a person is not aware of having bad habits, there is no desire to rectify these. However his or her fellow beings could make some significant comments here!  However, real habit change results from one taking a candid look at one’s short-comings.

We and other species are born curious and if not the case an enormous gap in learning and self improvement would exist. Self examination is the best start to eliminate bad habits.

Habitual behaviour can limit one’s perspective of the world. Bad habits,  rather like excessive multi-tasking kill curiosity because focus is compromised.

It is never easy to be removed from one’s comfort zone but a list of  “virtues” below may assist in devising a plan to alter some ingrained habits.

There is a great deal of order in the universe, all things have their place and time, this being significant to behavioural patterns too.

When making changes focusing on perfection rather on failure is a positive start.

Generally speaking, people’s lives are cluttered up with unnecessary actions. No other living creatures waste time as do human beings.  By managing one’s time and reconsidering habits these will eventually become automatic.

As these articles are ostensibly related to healthy living and body care, women is particular should maintain good habits with the establishment of easy, but necessary routines applicable to skin type and problems.

There are certain tasks that should be habitual like removing one’s make up, all of it ! Exfoliating regularly to remove dead skin cells, daily application of moisturizer and application of night creams or serums should age be indicative. It must too be stressed that changes in a mole or a sun induced lesion should never be ignored.

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