Speaking of habits, one tends to think of good and bad, rather definitive as the human race is generally not programmed to display perfection without a number of opposite characteristics.

Although part of the brain controls habits, the exterior environment and one’s inner emotions are highly significant. Humans are not robots, and a host of exterior events can rapidly alter reactions, often termed the “chameleon” effect. Being unaware, one can mimic others’ behaviour, for example eating with people who eat a lot!

Still, on that topic, psychologists are of the opinion that slow eaters generally like to be in control of life, and picky eaters tend to be neurotic.

Repetitive behaviour such as nail biting, picking the skin or pulling out hair,  can reveal some quirks,  such as perfectionism in character!

Habitual behaviour is so essential when considering one’s beauty routines.

Not cleansing the skin correctly results in a build-up of bacteria, oil and makeup, ultimately clogging the pores and encouraging acne.

Old mascara will ultimately flake off affecting one’s eyes. 

Failing to wash brushes, combs, sponges and wands.

Plucking unwanted hair and squeezing pimples [minus sanitation].

Peeling off nail enamel ultimately removes a thin layer of cells as well.

Perhaps a solution is to set aside some time over a weekend, examine any faults and deal with them in a professional way.

Not only is the individual’s appearance important, but sanitation is for one’s own good.