There is a famous saying “we are never happy with who we are and what we have“.
This week’s content will focus on three ethnic groups; the Chinese, Indians and Latinos and we examine the do’s and the don’ts, the likes and dislikes that affect their cultural identities.

Asian people are the largest ethnic group on the planet and are said to age slower than their counterparts. However, a study across 5 populations showed that women perceive themselves to be more attractive when their predicted ages are lower that their actual age!

Natural beauty and admired features are determined by racial, cultural and environmental influences.
Indian people tend to age at a lesser rate as they have thicker dermal layers containing collagen and elastin fibers. Oilier skins may also contribute to natural lubrication, but an increase of acne could result.
Although melanin which gives depth of colour to all but albinos, there is an obsession with some that the people of the north are fair, no doubt perpetuated by colonialism and those in south darker.

Indian women are truly beautiful, generally having refined features and maintain their good looks with procedures that could contain natural ingredients like rose petals, honey, yogurt and Himalayan herbs. However, hot spicy foods can cause dilation of capillaries, not ideal for the sweaty menopausal ladies!

Chinese women have fewer dark pigments, many with smooth, alabaster skins almost taut in appearance. Chinese skins are very fair and were always classified as white until they were termed yellow, nothing but cultural profiling in previous times.
Many are truly obsessed by the whiteness resulting in constant use of sunshades, this having no association with the current Hong Kong uprisings!

The Chinese swear by white, green and oolong tea for health and good looks, camellia nut oil being included in cosmetics and are meticulous in their beauty routines.
Much self criticism arises from their “slit eyes” and longing for Western round eyes with surgery being the most satisfactory outcome.

Latinos `generally from South America and associated islands, tend to have indigenous features like tanned skin and thick dark hair, many being very colour conscious.
Terms like Blanco, Negro, Mulatta can be complimentary or insulting. Once again colonial heritage plays a big role.

The southern American continent is like paradise when one considers the plants, forests, flowers and diverse biology.
Many exotic extracts are utilized such as oil and wax from jojoba seeds, cocoa butter for nourishment, extracts from Yucca a root vegetable – a great booster for skin and hair and acts as a shield against ultra violet rays and more recently Acai berries becoming popular in the west for creating smoothies.

One can often wonder why, when we have this incredible diversity on our planet, it is often not appreciated. Reverting to the first line of the blog, in future I will be happy for who I am, grateful for what I have and not be degraded by false and unworthy labeling.

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