Compassion for animals over the festivities

We humans can become frightfully involved over the festive season, [not insinuating that our pets can be ignored], but just a few suggestions below for their safety `

The possibility of crackers being pulled at the table can be frightening, the same relates to dreaded fireworks.

As South Africa experiences heat in December, long-haired pets such as Persian cats and Afghan hounds need attention and good grooming. 

The excitement that humans arouse can easily stir up animals too, especially the aroma of food.  Therefore below are some of the dos and don’ts :

Beware of loose electrical cords lighting up the Christmas tree, not exactly “chewable “. Christmas activities can be quite drawn out and one could unwittingly ignore pet protection so due to their possible fear, a quiet safe place in one’s home is ideal.

Regarding the topic of food, many Xmas related ingredients are used this time of year, totally unsuitable for animals despite their curiosity :

The following could have allergic reactions :

Raisins and sultanas, figs and dried fruits, mince pies, and Christmas cake are on the danger list as are nuts.  Other dangers include bulb vegetables like garlic, chives, and red peppers which could cause Hemolysis related to blood cells.

Chocolate is poisonous and the results could be fatal. Caffeine could result in hyperactivity and even seizures.

As for cheese, animals are generally lactose intolerant.  Last but not least, the popping of a champagne cork can cause spillage, and the alcohol content is not for tail-wagging pets!

 I am hoping that the content will be useful to readers and I would like to wish you all a happy, relaxing, and safe festive season ahead.