Some years ago two very popular songs “The sounds of silence” and “Silence is golden” were high on the charts which more mature readers may remember with nostalgia! However, actually experiencing silence has become quite traumatic in a fast moving world with high expectations of self.

Life in general has become ever more intense and rowdy. One might therefore agree that some interruptions of silence are quite a blessing.

However let us give thought to silence between couples, an interesting and quite complex topic and because couples handle issues so differently tensions are bound to arise.

Generally speaking, from a young age women’s culture tends to encourage expression, men being more reserved perhaps working through thoughts prior to becoming verbal thus keeping their true feelings to themselves.There may also be a perception that “laying it all out” can lead to arguments due to differences of opinion.

In the absence of dialogue, it is not uncommon to colour in these spaces with one’s own thoughts, not always a healthy situation according to a clinical psychologist resulting in inaccurate interpretations of what might be the true thoughts of the other.

On the other hand, silence that causes tension and anxiety does require dialogue. Sensitive topics and strong emotions can lead to unnecessary explosive situations so tact is often necessary.

An inflammatory situation can result by harassing one’s partner, drilling the person to speak up causing more tension.

I would imagine in this age of social media with the revelation of so much personal information shared that some feel it their right to know what a partner might be hiding!!

Excluding personal relationships, silence in juxtaposition to noise is essential to one’s sanity and opportunities are by no means lacking. Being close to nature having its own magical powers arouses a sense of the divine and it is not surprising that at the core of many religions silence is essential to distract us from reality and arouse a sense of the mystical.

The participation in medication has too assisted many participants to dispel doubt, fear and distress allowing one even if just temporarily, some time away from the mayhem of everyday living.

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