For many years, scientists have mulled over the idea that the world would be a better place if human organs were used in a process of cloning, bringing the human race closer to perfection.  

The basic concept is that illness and disease would be eradicated, and sharing genetic material could reverse aging and organs would in the future be near to perfect.

This too would be a boost to infertile couples, and tomorrow’s generations could no longer suffer from the inequality of deficiency disorders, resulting in minors being marginalized in society.

There are, however, great ethical concerns with the church and other religions, as tampering with the human form is in violation of the dignity of the human embryo.

Another interesting topic this week falls under the heading of FUTURISM, particularly relating to the technological industry.

For better or worse, humans are obsessed with the future, and not surprisingly, considering the way technology is advancing – 90%  of all data online has been developed in a mere few years!

Our everyday tasks are made simple. For example, predictive typing on your cell phone. Whether pleasure or annoyance is up to the individual!

The sale of self–driving cars is expected to sky-rocket and fortunately, costs will minimize.  

In the future, one will use neither a key nor a credit card and your burger will be served by a robot.

Water in the future will be exquisite, but almighty costly, and meat will be procured from stem cells.

Quite overwhelming is the fact that in the future DNA can be “fed” into an embryo deciding on the newborn’s hair and eye colour.

Generally speaking, life goes on normally, and with the enjoyment of the holiday season and Christmas approaching, perhaps the “Whizz kids” in the laboratories will take a break too!