Benefitting from Baobab

Baobabs are fascinating with individual trees having been estimated to have lived for over one-thousand years. They provide a range of benefits for animals, are an integral part of the eco-systems that they belong to and the oil derived from them is loaded with vitamins with a multitude of benefits for skin care.

Ageing Skin
Vitamin C and Vitamin A are your new best friends if you’re targeting ageing – and it’s a good thing that baobab oil is loaded with both. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production for reduced fine-lines and wrinkles as well as a brighter complexion and firmer skin, whilst Vitamin A deeply penetrates the skin to a cellular level where it works wonders for pigmentation and the repair of damaged collagen.
Acne-Prone Skin
The fact that it is an oil shouldn’t put you off. Oil dissolves oil which means that it will not add to oily skin, but rather deeply and thoroughly cleanse your skin whilst ensuring no hydration is lost. Baobab oil contains Linoleic acid which is known as an effective anti-inflammatory and has had positive results on sebaceous gland regulation – fewer breakouts! What’s more is that the oil has many healing properties beneficial for the reduction of scarring.
Rosacea and Eczema
The anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, repairing and hydrating properties found in Baobab oil make it an excellent healer and soother for other skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema. Vitamin E as well as Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids are other powerful ingredients found in Baobab oil which have been effective for soothing the itch caused by eczema.

Where to Find It
Ensuring that you find quality Baobab oil and associated products is essential for gaining the most out of its benefits. Matsimela Home Spa offers a range of Baobab products both for face and body care. Contact them or visit their website for more information on this fantastic product.

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