In today’s world, we seem to be overwhelmed by an array of glossy visuals advertising an unbelievable number of new health products that will “cure all our ills”. Many of us with good intentions are ready to dig into our wallets despite an existing colourful assortment of health items already lining our shelves. One has to acknowledge that the pharmaceutical companies spend millions on research but hopefully we have not arrived at the stage when some of the “good old tried and true” natural remedies will not be cast aside.

Historical records reveal that 2000 years ago during the time of Hippocrates, apple cider vinegar was used medicinally which shows that some of the simplest remedies are often overlooked.

The end product is attained due a vast number of apples being crushed and due to fermentation the fruit sugars converted to alcohol and finally to acetic acid, thus its distinct smell and taste, the process not unlike the production of wine.

In order to ensure that the purest is bought, the label on the bottle should include “ the mother” meaning the mother culture; a cobweb like structure that gives a cloudy appearance and at times a little sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

If the cider has been pasteurized it will appear clear, meaning that the culture has been removed with a lot of beneficial nutrients such as the cheap versions in the supermarkets.

Many people find the cider sour and distasteful, labeling it “a folk remedy”.

Nothing is further from the truth as it has healing powers due to anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar, assists the digestive system to ease bloating , heart burn and intestinal spasms, generally cleanses the system and is ideal for those having food sensitivities. Furthermore it is known to have a range of B vitamins and trace elements.

In order to make it more palatable, one could add a tablespoon of honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon, combine it with a mug of black tea , drink together with apple or grape juice or to make it really bearable added to a favourite smoothie!

Hopefully the contents above might have given some encouragement and taken the edge off this often labelled “horrid sour brew”!!

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