What we have today, commenced growing within the human embryo within the 22nd and 26th week of pregnancy, referred to as ‘cilia’ of a certain length only.

Like the hair on one’s scalp, there is a growth cycle, an endurance of one to five per day.

All races consider lashes to be part of eye beauty, and somehow the longer the better, therefore much attention is given, not always reassuring their growth.

One must consider that one’s health and diet can play havoc with “beautification”.

Stress, as with scalp hair, will cause damage, as the body releases cortisol connected to metabolic functioning as when the hair follicles swell abnormally.

Clogged oil glands lead to inflammation and itchiness; a problem named Blepharitis.

In African cultures, due to excessive curliness, artificial lashes are used, the removal of which is important to avoid bacteria due to the substance used to adhere the strips.

This brings one to a number of irritations –

  • Being lazy regarding eye makeup removal, the continual use of artificial lashes, lash extensions, and heated curling methods. 
  • An unfortunate psychological mannerism exists, named trichotillomania, whereby scalp and lash hair is deliberately pulled out. 
  • Traction to any hair has disadvantages too.

To the future fashion trends in eye makeup, especially for those outgoing with a touch of bravado –

  • Sleepy eyes & thick black pencil around the eyes will give an almond effect with a lack of eye shadow.
  • Mascara accentuated the outer lashes and blackened upper lids in contrast to pale lipstick.
  • Purple and green lids with a sprinkling of silver dust appear to be coming into fashion.

However, readers, be not perturbed as the above is for the daring and not the conservative!