“Mother” seems like such a simple word and is often used in casual conversation, but there is more to it than meets the eye and when we realize that a mother endured a pregnancy in order to bring many of us into the world,  the gratitude is not always shown.

Many of the joys in our lives relate to our mothers,  from the first birthday when we might have become quite overwhelmed, until later when we realized that this cake with candles really meant something. Just in passing, the writer’s distant memory relates to words to her mother when planning a party,  when she was very young, stating “ tell them they must not sing!” – naturally this was not adhered to!

As we reached our teens, a rather touchy time, celebrations with parents present may have embarrassed us and a tactful mum will no doubt have made herself invisible for your wellbeing.

We finally grew up,  got married and the circle of life still existed – we had children of our own, and no guessing who was a great helper, none other than Mother.

Sadly, much trauma has arisen in the world when a mother has been missing as she is often the rock on which stability depends.

It is interesting that some scientific research has shown when growing up, a mother’s love can become ingrained with her offspring, and an extension of emotions and compassion for the less fortunate becomes apparent.

In closing all at Matsimela wish our readers the best Mother’s Day ever!