PROTEA BAG with Cuticle Oil, Scrub and Intensive Repair


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30ml Cuticle Oil
A blend of the finest carrier oils and Emollients designed to nourish and provide general cuticle care.

If you suffer from dry, brittle nails, try hydrating them with a few drops of cuticle oil. Cuticle oil
delivers a shot of moisture, vitamins and plant extracts directly to your fingernails, so they’ll
look shiny and healthy almost instantly after application. It’s best to apply cuticle oil daily for
consistent results.

200ml Sugar Scrub
A rich sugar based scrub intended to gently exfoliate hands.

Using slow circular movements, exfoliate the hands or the desired body part. Do not press
too hard, let the sugar do the work! Rinse well with water.

300ml Intensive Hand & Nail Repair
Rich and moisturizing, our intensive hand and nail repair cream will do the job for tired, dry & flaky skin as well as nails that
need an extra boost.

Apply daily and whenever hands need nourishment and protection. Apply to the hands and around the nails. Massage until
completely absorbed.