SPA Kalahari Soak (200g)


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A pure Kalahari salt which is untreated and unpolluted aiding in ultimate relaxation and healing.

Type of skin: All skin types.

Application: Pour a handful in the bath, manicure or pedicure bowl with luke warm water. While the salt dissolves soak and relax or exfoliate the desired area using a suitable MatsiMela scrub.

By adding only a handful of our MatsiMela fragranced Bath Salt to your bath, you will enjoy the healing, cleansing and relaxing effect. The minerals of the salt are absorbed through the skin, while through osmosis the body toxins are released into the water. Enjoy for at least ten minutes.

Ingredient Listing:
Sodium Bicarbonate
Rosa Centifolia
Paraffinum Liquidum
Isopropyl Myristate