Shubaba Face Cream – Dry


Shubaba’s Face Cream Dry is specifically designed with our “Dry skin control active “ which will hydrate & improve the moisture levels of the skin while balancing the delicate pH of your skin.

  • Apply after using Face Wash & Toner Mask
  • Apply a small amount onto finger tips and apply onto face using circular movements
  • Leave on the skin to absorb


Shubaba was developed to offer an easy to follow skincare solution with no hassles and optimum results. Making use of our unique formulation of actives, you can now target your main skincare concerns with our Three Step Program.
• Oily Skin • Dry Skin • Uneven Tone • Problem Skin
Step 1: Cleanse using our Face Wash
Step 2: Tone using our Toner Mask
Step 3: Moisturise with one of our four suitable Moisturisers
Expect the skin to fluctuate for two weeks whilst stabilizing. Give the skin at least three weeks to normalise. If the skin does not normalise, discontinue use.
Optimal results seen after six – eight weeks.

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