Litchi & Rose – Massage Oil



This Massage Oil has a number of unique oils blended together to make a truly special product. Avo oil, arnica oil for tired muscles, mafura oil with moisturizing properties and vitamin e oil maintaining healthy skin.
Avo oil – this oil has a large particle size enabling the oil to stay on the skin for longer.
Lavender Oil – .encourages relaxation. Healing and soothing effect on skin.
Trichilia Emetica Seed Butter – Mafura butter is renowned for its cosmetic and healing properties. It is used on the skin to nourish and revitalise as well as to condition the hair.
Arnica oil – this oil has healing properties as well as soothing properties for tired muscles. Excellent for sports people with injuries.
Baobab Oil – Baobab oil is used for its excellent softening, healing and regenerating properties.
Natural Vit E – excellent for the maintenance of healthy skin. This acetate has good absorption properties ensuring adequate penetration into the skin vs the standard Vit E’s on the market.

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