Complete Aloe Set with FREE eyeSlices


We have collaborated with eyeSlices!

The patented and award winning cryogel eye pads which target puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye area. The full moon design treats the upper lids and lifts tiredness and redness! 5 min per use and re-usable up to ten times!!

Now FREE when you buy the MatsiMela Aloe Complete Set!

MatsiMela has harnessed the powers of the Aloe Vera plant to bring you a skin care range that supports the skin’s natural moisture balance.

The moisture content of the Aloe Vera leaf averages at 95%. Glycol-nutrients provide the skin with moisture, penetrating not only the epidermis but the deeper skin levels, the dermis and the hypodermis – protecting the skin from drying out at the same time.

Complete set contains:
100g Charcoal Cleansing Bar
100ml Cleanser
100ml Toner
100ml Facial Scrub
100ml Rose Clay Mask
50ml Moisturiser

FREE eyeSlices full moon pad & storage clam