Life amongst others can at times be like walking across a minefield and the most tiresome are those who babble on incessantly. Conversation between people is normal and pleasant with an exchange of ideas and humour, until the over talkative one enters the scenario. It is dubious whether any of us have had the good… Continue Reading

With summer fast approaching and with South Africans’ love of the outdoors, this week’s content seems appropriate. The seven visible light rays emerging from the sun are quite magnificent; disappearing at night and re-awakening at dawn arousing hope and sustenance of life. Avoided by some, worshiped by others, attitudes towards the sun’s rays have always… Continue Reading

Hitting back and biting back can arouse enormous satisfaction, but does revenge really bring self-gratification? Let us consider what factors then arouse revenge? Persons with vibrant emotions who flare up quickly will perceive injustice to self. Other individuals having been deeply hurt, facing unjust criticism or maybe an unfair legal complaint having being lodged. Even… Continue Reading

Generally speaking not, but with excessive use this could occur as in the case of suicide attempts. As there has been considerable exposure on the topic of opioids via Television documentaries, the content herein will explore the use of these drugs for many who may be uninformed. Pain and pleasure are among natures strongest motivators.… Continue Reading

An interesting topic indeed. Insects, bugs, however one wishes to label them are here to stay (or so we think) and although they overrule, the human population should perhaps be viewed in a different light; that being the relentless onslaught on their existence. One has to admit that some are quite cute, others seen as… Continue Reading

There is a famous saying “we are never happy with who we are and what we have“. This week’s content will focus on three ethnic groups; the Chinese, Indians and Latinos and we examine the do’s and the don’ts, the likes and dislikes that affect their cultural identities. Asian people are the largest ethnic group… Continue Reading

Although every human has stem cells to some degree, these are generally thought of as reserve cells and they do deplete with the passing of time. What highlights their unique qualities is their ability to change structure into different body cells; the process known as differentiation. Although stem cell therapy is still in its infancy,… Continue Reading

Fear not, you are not going crazy! There is no urgency to rush off to consult a psychiatrist as unexplained loss occurs to all of us at some stage of our lives, neither have the bulk of us ever played magician to materialize those items! When objects disappear, for what reason do they inexplicably reappear?… Continue Reading

Uses of Arnica Oil Arnica oil is an oil that can be applied on the skin to treat a variety of ailments. Sore muscles, bruises, joint pain, inflammation or swelling can all be treated with the application of arnica oil. Arnica oil is made from a dark yellow flower, called Arnica Montana, growing in certain… Continue Reading


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