Generally speaking, a Jitter-bug refers to an over active individual, one who might even be termed “hyped”. This could of course have implications on the lifestyle and health of the person and on those of others closely associated. Medically speaking, the thyroid gland could play a role resulting in hyperthyroidism, remedied with particular drugs. However,… Continue Reading

Readers might wonder as did I regarding the origins of this rather unusual phrase. This is a metaphor that seems to resonate in the business world and to get to grips with this one has to shift ones thoughts way back in time to the realization that Notre Dame cathedral in Paris took 182 years… Continue Reading

Living in the tropics may seem appealing but comes with many issues especially skin complaints, this to be discussed at a later stage. However, humans are essentially tropical creatures and not well equipped to deal with even mild cold according to some anthropologists. Living as sheltered as possible and wearing suitable clothing is a good… Continue Reading

To give definition to this phrase, the process is to re-energize tissues, repair or restore organs in question; unlocking huge opportunities for ones wellbeing, especially in the aging organism. Due to age, together with disease, damage or trauma, tissues can decline in function. The immediate response of the immune system is to make use of… Continue Reading

When writing on the topic, I was puzzled as to why people use the expression so frequently. My very first impressions were that of a poor fish, dangling off a hook, incapacitated and at the mercy of the fisherman. When thinking of “hooked” relating to human behaviour there are some quite interesting correlations to the… Continue Reading

The very word “goodbye” seems to arouse negative energy and could initially have an element of sadness to it,of loss,a “gone forever” feeling and conjures up strong emotions. However, there are instances when a farewell cannot come soon enough! Which reminds one of the expression “good riddance” which is basically a rude way of saying… Continue Reading

How wonderful to have one day dedicated to fathers, being recognised as special, this past Sunday on the 16th of June this year. Fathers mean so much to millions of children who often under difficult situations still love and honour their dads, especially when parents live apart. In the present South African climate, an endless… Continue Reading

I think it is safe to say, and one can be forgiven as it happens to most of us, having had the experience of returning home from a health store lugging bags of bottles and jars being the answer to maintaining good health. As this multitude of pills, capsules and liquids are packed away a… Continue Reading

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION This week’s blog may be alike to throwing the cat amongst the pigeons but readers may enjoy a topic to stimulate debate. Some readers might be of the opinion that like attracts like, as does negativity have the same outcome. However, a number of academics who have studied this phenomenon with… Continue Reading

An old saying exists that boredom is a luxury and loneliness a state of mind, the latter having some truth, however the causes and consequences of this emotion generating concern. While some people get a moral boost from the activities during what one may call the highlights of the year like Christmas, Easter and so… Continue Reading


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