Hacks for healthy skin

Eat a healthy diet There is a huge industry that is dedicated to products that keep your skin looking great, and which claim to fight those signs of aging. But your moisturisers are only able to go skin deep, and aging unfortunately, develops at a deeper cellular level. What you put in your body by… Continue Reading

Sandalwood has, over the years, become a remarkably popular ingredient in many health products. Lauded for the impressive number of benefits to the human body and mind, this ingredient can be found almost everywhere. But don’t take my word for it! To help you understand why you should be including this exceptional ingredient in your… Continue Reading

Keeping pace in a turbo charged world sometimes means going against the stream. In previous times one’s association with people was vastly different, but the rules of the game have changed as we are now trying to keep up with ourselves. This sense of urgency can be connected to technological advances. Even our perception of… Continue Reading

Activated charcoal is a lot like coal made from naturally carbon rich materials like wood, bamboo and coconut shells, heated at high temperatures minus oxygen, the end product being a fine, tasteless powder, rendering it most porous. it is functional not through absorption, but rather adsorption, meaning that particles attach to a surface. The earliest… Continue Reading

The background of planet earth developing growth is complex, however the experts state that primitive greenery such as mosses appeared 130 million years ago. Rewinding in time, around 500 million years prior to this, green algae floating in shallow coastal waters adapted when reaching dry land resulting in the early formation of roots. Todays flowering… Continue Reading

Along with winter comes a lot of essential clutter like coats, scarves, leggings, boots and so on. Although having to face dressing is a rather laborious process Winter can be embraced positively for enjoyable and healthy activities one being more energized at this time of year. Some may relish the idea of bedding down earlier… Continue Reading

Anger, fear, boredom and rejection are just a few of many negative emotions and all part of the human experience but embracing these can actually have a positive outcome. These needn’t wreak havoc in ones life and to acknowledge them is a step in the right direction. Very often messages are valuable if taken note… Continue Reading

For many years very basic treatments involving heat and cold have been used for a variety of body ails involving various symptoms. A tricky situation arises as whether to use one or the other. generally speaking ice is used for acute injuries with inflammation and swelling. Heat on the other hand for muscular pain and… Continue Reading

As there is an ever increasing need for mental health care in our communities a number of new facilities are opening up country-wide. There seems to be a mindset change in society in contrast to earlier times when mental disturbances were considered taboo. Increasing workloads like peer pressure, unemployment , crime and so on lead… Continue Reading

This weeks article commences with an appropriate quotation from Voltaire – “Nothing could be more tiresome than to eat and drink if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity”. Long before the West became familiar with exotic spices, herbs and fruits, the civilizations in the middle east certainly viewed these… Continue Reading


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