How wonderful to have one day dedicated to fathers, being recognised as special, this past Sunday on the 16th of June this year. Fathers mean so much to millions of children who often under difficult situations still love and honour their dads, especially when parents live apart. In the present South African climate, an endless… Continue Reading

I think it is safe to say, and one can be forgiven as it happens to most of us, having had the experience of returning home from a health store lugging bags of bottles and jars being the answer to maintaining good health. As this multitude of pills, capsules and liquids are packed away a… Continue Reading

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION This week’s blog may be alike to throwing the cat amongst the pigeons but readers may enjoy a topic to stimulate debate. Some readers might be of the opinion that like attracts like, as does negativity have the same outcome. However, a number of academics who have studied this phenomenon with… Continue Reading

An old saying exists that boredom is a luxury and loneliness a state of mind, the latter having some truth, however the causes and consequences of this emotion generating concern. While some people get a moral boost from the activities during what one may call the highlights of the year like Christmas, Easter and so… Continue Reading

With a broad range of products designed for home use and a huge variety of activities that will leave you and your girls feeling oh-so glamorous, a home spa party is the perfect way to celebrate a night with your friends in a way that doesn’t involve the usual ‘hit the town’ scene. A variety… Continue Reading

Some years ago two very popular songs “The sounds of silence” and “Silence is golden” were high on the charts which more mature readers may remember with nostalgia! However, actually experiencing silence has become quite traumatic in a fast moving world with high expectations of self. Life in general has become ever more intense and… Continue Reading

Baobabs are fascinating with individual trees having been estimated to have lived for over one-thousand years. They provide a range of benefits for animals, are an integral part of the eco-systems that they belong to and the oil derived from them is loaded with vitamins with a multitude of benefits for skin care. Ageing Skin… Continue Reading

Battle scars from the playground are a rite of passage for any child. I remember my grandmother insisting on smothering my cuts in Aloe Vera each time I came home with a new one. The aloe had a fun texture, but that was the extent of my interest in it. Years later, my interest in… Continue Reading

Eat a healthy diet There is a huge industry that is dedicated to products that keep your skin looking great, and which claim to fight those signs of aging. But your moisturisers are only able to go skin deep, and aging unfortunately, develops at a deeper cellular level. What you put in your body by… Continue Reading

Sandalwood has, over the years, become a remarkably popular ingredient in many health products. Lauded for the impressive number of benefits to the human body and mind, this ingredient can be found almost everywhere. But don’t take my word for it! To help you understand why you should be including this exceptional ingredient in your… Continue Reading


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