I must confess, this is a new word in my vocabulary.  Fear is grounded in all of us, mainly due to the anticipation of failure.

As for worrying about looking foolish, this is simply the creation of an image in one’s own imagination.

In other words, one is almost planning to fail, not coming up to expectations. As perfection does not exist in the world, persecuting oneself is wasted energy and is destructive to the persona.

Fear in life is a necessary challenge.  It builds character and prepares one for the realities that lie ahead.

Needing to speak in public, is no doubt a daunting experience. To break the ice, prior to giving a speech, a relaxed way of connecting to one’s audience is to express some humour, such as –

“I have dreaded this day, but here I am, it is no better than my first day at kindergarten.”  

A relaxed atmosphere enhances attention and no matter what, success comes with a set of challenges, pains, and pleasures.

Since humour can dissipate fear and can enlighten one’s life,  readers may enjoy some of the following jokes –

“He who laughs last did not get the joke!”

“I do not trust children, they are here to replace us.”

“I am not lazy, I am just saving energy.”

“I have no sympathy that you re-married …” asking the boss for a raise.

“Nothing is impossible, it is what I do all day!”

“If you are not yelling at your kids, you are not spending enough time with them.”  

As many public holidays are now coming to an end, hopefully, readers can re-adjust to normality.