Mother’s day is to honour women with maternal bonds and also for their contribution to society not to mention a massive boost to the economy!

The celebration of this day originated in St Andrews Methodist Church in West Virginia USA on May the 10th 1908, one hundred and ten years ago, the initiation of this being one,  Anna Jarvis.

Anna was a mother of 13 children and she hoped that this creation would calm the animosity between the Union and the military at the end of the Civil War.

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The Importance of recycling


Although great awareness and enthusiasm may have inspired many after having taken note of  April the 22nd  designated as “Earth Day”, good intentions are so easily watered down and yet each day ahead presents challenges regarding the pollution of the planet.

This article will attempt to highlight the positive outcome of recycling and many end products that are created from waste, plastic having the nastiest reputation of all, being emphasized once again !!

In fact despite all the bad news, plastic is very useful as it can be coloured, melted, squashed, rolled and shaped.

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Earth Day ` 22nd April


The human impact on earth has been so great that the “Anthropocene”, this being the time period in which humans have held dominion over the earth, has changed the course of earth history.

Earth Day is celebrated to remind us that the earth and all of its ecosystems  provide us with life and sustenance.

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New innovations to enhance beauty



Ever since the dawn of civilization, man has been inspired to create commodities utilising existing and future science for the advantage of communities to facilitate easier living or to make money !

The old adage of  “seen it all, done it all” becomes antiquated living in the fast lane of ever advancing technology and so readers may be taken aback by some of the following innovations.

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World Water Day



On the 22nd of March 1993 The United Nations designated this day to annually highlight the importance of water and to advocate sustainable management of this vital resource and to overcome challenges in the 21st century.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why there is so much concern regarding the future supply of water.

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