The theme for 2018 is intended to highlight awareness of the hazards of plastics and encourage all citizens to take measures seriously to prevent further pollution.

This day is marked in a variety of ways such as launching new campaigns,  film festivals, special events at zoos and aquaria, marches to highlight the issues, beach cleanups and art displays relative to the topic.

Plastic in its various forms is the most common form of garbage on our beaches which eventually ends up in the ocean and plus/minus 8 million metric tons will not biodegrade. Sea creatures confuse this garbage with food. A sea turtle ingests a plastic bag floating under water identifying this as a jelly fish and ultimately chokes to death.

The problem can go even further as chemicals in plastic can increase extra oestrogen in sea mammals and lead to mutations.

When fish, crabs and lobsters are caught for human consumption these chemicals affect the human organism too.

The collapse of the global fish population has been a long time coming.

Stark images reveal what is happening to oceans because of the obsession for Sushi and the dangers to marine life.

This hunger for Sushi in the west, once a rich mans consumerist fad, is not helping.  This and the canned tuna industry have decimated the population of blue fin tuna.

The dirtiest form of pollution is that of oil and readers need not be reminded of some of the deadliest spills in history. Other than these massive disasters thousands of tankers, bulk carriers and variety of boats ply the oceans and pollute the waters.

Cruise liners can emit 15 gallons of toxic waste like mercury, silver and lead plus human waste from flushed toilets, water with detergents and pesticides from laundry and dishwashers operating non-stop on these liners.  When ship owners are brought to book with penalties, the damage is done and irreversible.

Gazing out at the deep ocean, far beyond where the waves break one might think that within the depths lies a silent world but in actual fact sound waves travel fast in the dark depths. Consider alone the seismic noise of around 60,000 tankers and off shore drilling that affect marine biodiversity. Natural noise created by waves, rainfall and lighting strikes has over evolutionary time allowed for specie adaptation.

Many in the human race tend to think that the advancement of the species lies in technology. Hopefully this weeks article will be an eye opener in creating awareness and greater commitment to becoming proactive in all environmental issues.


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