Gazing upon the horizon, one realizes that far more exists beyond immediate vision offering greater potential and as mental capacity expands age need not necessarily be a barrier.
In terms of technology it could be considered that one generation is a “digital native” another generation an “alien or immigrant” to a fast changing world.

Children appear to adapt to new technology rapidly having been in their environment during the developmental years.

On the other hand, depending on the level of literacy, older people have more readily adapted to an advanced way of living, but admit that the generally accepted idea of having more leisure time is a myth !

In closed societies, parents try hard to produce copies of themselves which often leads to disharmony and lack of respect.

From cell phones to texting, to religion and manners, people are seeing the world differently thereby creating chasms of varying proportions.

The “now times” present quite an upheaval in society as last experienced during the 1960’s with major clashes occurring over the Vietnam war, civil rights and the women’s liberation movement.

The major differences are affecting social values and morality. Those in the 18 and 19 year bracket tend to have differing views on dating, lifestyle and family values and “liberated teens” are more tolerant on issues such as gay marriage and inter-racial relationships all openly defended on social media.

A great number of young people post material on sites depicting mood and emotion, whereas adults tend to favour topics like art, design, photography and nature.

On a slightly different topic, technology is transforming the cosmetic industry. Consumers can become totally confused with the vast number of products offered and haphazard choices can be detrimental to a healthy skin.

Some advanced countries have automated machines with the touch screen function giving detailed information on a vast number of products, some having the ability to show videos, a great help to consumers.

Creating a new look with make-up is an exciting venture. Now “virtue application use”  technology can assist with an app that helps the user simulate hairstyles and makeup.  A picture of oneself can be sent to a “virtual beauty advisor” and within seconds shades which are flattering for the sender will be received.

With all of this incredible advancement it is in a way restricting to be out of touch.  Matsimela’s tactile retail environment allows you to get in touch with an array of soaks, scrubs, fizz balls and more !


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The MatsiMela Home Spa range of products is constantly growing and developing with ethos of caring for yourself and the environment. MatsiMela Home Spa is premier body care range that was developed by Wayne and Olivia Nel in 2005.

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