The Importance of recycling

Although great awareness and enthusiasm may have inspired many after having taken note of  April the 22nd  designated as “Earth Day”, good intentions are so easily watered down and yet each day ahead presents challenges regarding the pollution of the planet.

This article will attempt to highlight the positive outcome of recycling and many end products that are created from waste, plastic having the nastiest reputation of all, being emphasized once again !!

In fact despite all the bad news, plastic is very useful as it can be coloured, melted, squashed, rolled and shaped.

Plastic comes in such a variety of thicknesses, too technical to discuss here, but the array of end products include many newly manufactured bottles, bubble wrap ,fishing line, insulation for jackets, recycling bins, traffic cones, sleeping bags, tents, ropes, brooms and even car batteries !

One might think that glass is as recyclable as plastic, but not a fact for many technical reasons. That which is acceptable is mainly recycled into new bottles, jars, ornamental items, counter tops and can be a component in flooring, tiles and fibre-glass.  Many of us are unaware that light bulbs, pyrex, ceramics and window glass are a “no-no” and should be placed with one’s regular trash.

Paper including cardboard are probably the easiest to recycle but there are exceptions such as waxed, greased, laminated and faxing paper.

Apparently (which is time saving) one need not remove staples, plastic windows and spirals found in some notebooks as these are all strained out when the products are reduced to pulp.

Metallic products accumulate worldwide and to give an example of the degree of waste, in the United States 300 million metal cans are used per day, enough to rebuild the entire commercial airline fleet every 3 months !

We at home can in many ways assist in avoiding a build-up of metal waste by recycling tins, cans, foil products, metal lids, paint and aerosol tins.

Large size items should end up in scrap yards and many companies in larger cities offer to collect.

Last but not least, a massive problem has arisen due to ever advancing technology resulting in thousands of tons of E-trash accumulating.  This waste includes computers, laptops. CD players, cell phones, cameras, printers, TVs and more.

The united Nations states that up to 90% of E-waste is dumped illegally resulting in a preventable tsunami of electronic waste.

It is tragic that our once pristine planet has suffered due to human inconsideration and blame being put on lack of time, a poor excuse. Although these articles are not intended to advertise,  readers may be assisted by “Tarsus- dispose- IT”.  Independently many companies and individuals can all make the world of difference and Matsimela is right up front, part of the greening initiative

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