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Ever since the dawn of civilization, man has been inspired to create commodities utilising existing and future science for the advantage of communities to facilitate easier living or to make money !

The old adage of  “seen it all, done it all” becomes antiquated living in the fast lane of ever advancing technology and so readers may be taken aback by some of the following innovations.

Soon treating wrinkles will be as easy as wiping off ones make-up by pressing hyaluronic acid gel patches over certain areas to enhance a sunken appearance below the eyes or sagging jaw line thereby eliminating visits to the specialists rooms for wrinkle fillers.

Lasers presently used by Dermatologists may have to share space with other gadgets in ones home. A weekly treatment with the “gentle waves” system  pulsates yellow light and is said to stimulate collagen growth.

Another all purpose device which delivers radio frequency, ultra sound and light therapy will in future be a boost to cure acne, restore thinning hair and reduce fine lines.

Those who are plagued with “Hirsuitism” in other words excessive hair, can “say bye-bye” in future to wax,  razors and depilatories which will be replaced by home lasers that cut off hair precisely, also giving the choice of another laser that destroys the hair follicles.

As for the future of bathing,  water may be excluded which sounds quite bizarre. Static fighting carbon fibre is already used on pets to suck up dirt particles. I will personally give that one a miss!

Baths will still exist but purely for relaxation.  Take for example the floatation pool having such a high content of salt  enough to suspend one and the mineral rich salt is said to detoxify the skin.

Now that saves a lot of airfare to the dead sea to virtually have the same experience !!

Come to think of it those fellows who offer to “wash” your car in the basements of shopping centres are doing so minus water with eco friendly bio-degradable solutions saving thousands of litres of water.

Back to beauty, unsightly brown spots on skin are an unpleasant sign of ageing. Down the pipeline is the development of a laser pen to eliminate these and benign skin growths in the privacy of one’s boudoir.

Protecting one’s skin from the sun is a laborious process and slathering on sun block will become so 2010. In future a type of spray will quickly coat the skin with a sunscreen and along with this a pill taken in the morning will work from the inside out to clear up cell damage from UV rays.

Finally brushing, flossing and whitening of teeth will go to the next level. A tooth hardening pill is not far off plus a protective brush to prevent stains from the likes of coffee and red wine.

Even toothpaste could become obsolete. A Japanese company have created a toothbrush with a solar panel which transmits electrons to interact with acids in the mouth to get rid of bacteria and break down plaque.

In conclusion it is exciting to know of these innovations but foolish to put one’s life on hold until these have been thoroughly tested and certified as being safe. We in South Africa are continually updated on new advances and are privileged to have some world class health spas offering treatments both luxurious but affordable.


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