The joys of autumn


The 21st of March, significant in seasonal change, is termed the equinox and is generally the commencement of Autumn when the position of the sun is changing in the southern hemisphere progressing to Winter with cooler and less sunny days.

Lovers of summer and the heat offered are often sad that this season is terminating but overlook the joys of Autumn with leaves falling exposing bare branches, the very essence of the start of new life, when spring commences, almost like turning a new leaf.

One can literally smell the change in the earth, the not unpleasant decomposition of leaves and the ambitious flutter of certain bird species travelling to other climes; a true marvel of nature. Autumn is a great season for artists offering array of colours and probably the most photographed season of all.

With colours so warm and happy, what better a time to ditch some of those well worn summer clothes and sandals for slightly warmer outfits.

This is also an inspiring time to bake and experiment with recipes tucked away for many months for ones appetite generally increases as can the body’s energy levels tempting one to walk or hike through the enchanting landscape.

Autumn is a perfect time to explore some of South Africa’s top destinations. Many areas turn into a magical landscape. The Winelands are ablaze with colour juxtaposed by the mountains with new contours and more defined cragginess due to earlier Autumn shadows.

A magnificent show of breathtaking colour is visible on the Highveldt and the game reserves offer better viewing as big game are best observed in Autumn and Spring.

As for our skins, these too have to adapt to seasonal changes and there is a need to understand the natural cycle and pamper it accordingly.

With less moisture stripped by air conditioners, skins will feel better hydrated before Winter commences. However this should not exclude ones ongoing routine of nourishing and moisturizing with a less sticky feel experienced in the heat of summer.

Warm baths are to be embraced with much pleasure and can be pure luxury with the right products lined up for the experience !

The reds and browns echoing the shades of autumn are incorporated into Matsimela’s Red berry and Vanilla sandalwood product ranges be they scrubs, bath soaks, body butters, soaps or fizz balls.


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