Battling the blues

The colour blue is generally non- threatening and represents calmness and serenity, but when feeling hopeless and worthless a person could well be suffering from “the blues”.

There is a well known old song called “singing the blues” ` the singer having being ditched by the love of his life. If true that love rules the world, then being without this vital emotion one can easily feel rotten and down trodden.

The loss of love can be a dominating factor in ones emotional stability, but the world should not have to collapse around one as there are many issues that alter our mental well-being.  Unless in near hopeless cases, human beings are usually more resilient than realized and if grief does not turn to joy overnight there are many ways to turn one’s life around.

Social skills and a person’s unique talents should not be buried away when feeling sorry for oneself or by misinterpreting the actions of others.

Emotions are not created by situations themselves but by the way one interprets them.

A common situation can become hand-wringing when not viewed in a positive light. Quick judgments can lead to bitterness and anger for all the wrong reasons.

Most situations are ambiguous – it is our viewpoint that is important and negative thoughts can unintentionally marginalize one from others.

There are many ways to deal with the blues and the experts agree that regular exercise beats depression whilst releasing endorphins giving one a lift.

When “down-in-the-dumps” junk food tends to yell out at one “I will take away your pain” but nothing could be further than the truth !

Green leafy vegetables, avocado pears, berries and nuts have the finest nutrients to boost metabolism and conquer depression.

Unfortunately, in some instances women suffering depression will begin to neglect appearance and even hygiene.

A turnaround is vital to reverse the situation. Caring for one’s hair, skin condition and getting one’s body into shape are moves in a positive direction.

Professional staff at any one of Matsimelas stores can give excellent skin care advice and recommend a visit to one of their partner health spas. In the comfort of one’s home wonderful relaxation is achieved by soaking in the tub with perfumed, calming bath crystals  

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