Going Green

Sadly so many people have the notion that being eco-conscious will not make a difference and that only the fanatical types count in this realm.

Every product purchased affects the planet as resources such as water, energy and raw materials are utilized and around the world landfills are increasing at an alarming rate. In the case of poorly governed countries these are collapsing as we frequently witness on our news broadcasts.

One need not be a “green warrior” to make a difference. Below are a few common sense tips to give our magnificent  planet some relief from stress generated by humans who are self-absorbed and non-caring.

Regarding everyday activities, thinking green will soon become habitual such as examining products that are created from recyclable materials, some having the recycle icon on the packaging.

Some in the community think that it is infra dig to buy pre-used items even though in good condition. Supporting ones local charity stores is a marvellous way of recycling and the money received goes to a good cause.

Every day waste in ones kitchen like vegetable and fruit peels and even eggshells need not end up in a smelly bin, but rather be dug into the soil around plants and trees which is incredibly good compost.  However there are by-laws in cities that disallow compost heaps due to the breeding of flies, but worthwhile investigating.

Being selective when gardening by planting herbs which energise the cooking experience and considering the climate by planting drought resistant types of plants and trees will be kind to mother earth. On a different topic, it is difficult to understand why so many are obsessed with shopping which has almost become a national past-time !

One should think carefully before buying and not buy for the sake of it. Impulse buying is a bad idea and in many cases the purchases are just caste aside, unwanted.

Another excellent, and I might add very easy way of recycling is to send your unwanted clutter to the local crèche or pre-primary who absolutely love junk !  The children are then taught to use this in a creative manner.

The biggest scourge of the planet is plastic and yet one of the most recyclable commodities, to be discussed in another article. What stands out are the millions of water bottles alone littering the environment which is avoidable.

Of late a term “wasted beauty” is being heard more frequently as the beauty industry creates a lot of ugly waste. The  personal care industry  needs to consider measures to turn the sector into a more active  “shades of green”.

Dozens of bottles and jars on our shelves manufactured from increasingly scarce resources are invariably destined for landfills.

In conclusion it is heart warming that many companies are now finally hopping onto the “green train” to make packaging more sustainable.

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The MatsiMela Home Spa range of products is constantly growing and developing with ethos of caring for yourself and the environment. MatsiMela Home Spa is premier body care range that was developed by Wayne and Olivia Nel in 2005.

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