Valentine’s Day

Whether one thinks of this day as romantic, playful, extravagant or just plain stupid it will again crop up on the proverbial 14th of February !

Some say that love is like a butterfly, the more you chase it the more it will elude one.

However this day can have an essence of mystery. Consider those secret admirers who pluck up courage to show admiration for the cherished one,  but are awarded some emotional armour against outright rejection.

Strangely a secret admirer could cause more offence than to arouse interest from the recipient  when sending a gift, as there is a fine line drawn between choosing a gift not too extravagant or personal in fear of crossing the line into “creepy country”!

Some say that Valentine’s day relates so strongly to love inspiring one to look for a partner or a lover, others more realistically think that the love of one’s life might surreptitiously be right out there !

Valentine’s day portrays as much symbolism as experienced during Easter and Christmas, the heart being highly significant.  The heart is the so called centre of emotion and broken and shattered hearts are symbolically portrayed by an arrow through the heart, reminding one of the famous character Cupid depicted as a naked baby with wings and a bow and arrow with the power to make people fall in love!  Cupid has to be the most perplexing Valentine symbol shooting arrows into hearts and connected to his counterpart Eros a Greek god of passion and fertility.

With February the 14th fast approaching, one will be reminded of roses and chocolates as gifts, or significant symbols like love birds, lace and teddy bears, the latter well deserving space in this article.

The iconic bear is generally a child’s first toy, is soft and cuddly and contact inspires tenderness and a feeling of comfort. For this reason teddy bears are commonly seen amongst flowers and messages at places of tribute for deceased persons.

Not to be ignored is the power of the colour red,  dominant during the valentine period. Red being the most powerful colour inspires emotions such as passion and forth-rightness.

Retailers are quick to recognize the significance of red merchandise and the colour of money !!

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Visit us before 14th February and nurture yourself or loved one !

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