New innovations to enhance beauty



Ever since the dawn of civilization, man has been inspired to create commodities utilising existing and future science for the advantage of communities to facilitate easier living or to make money !

The old adage of  “seen it all, done it all” becomes antiquated living in the fast lane of ever advancing technology and so readers may be taken aback by some of the following innovations.

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World Water Day



On the 22nd of March 1993 The United Nations designated this day to annually highlight the importance of water and to advocate sustainable management of this vital resource and to overcome challenges in the 21st century.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why there is so much concern regarding the future supply of water.

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The celebration of Easter is a highlight on the Christian calendar arousing strong emotions relating to the life, death and resurrection Of Jesus Christ. The belief in the bodily not metaphorical resurrection is a corner stone of Christianity and this is thought to have changed something fundamental to the world and humanity.

The belief that Jesus is the redeemer of mankind is embedded in the Christian faith and of all the religions, Christianity is still the largest in the world.

In some communist countries like North Korea, religion is not tolerated and severe torture and even execution can result .

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Battling the blues


The colour blue is generally non- threatening and represents calmness and serenity, but when feeling hopeless and worthless a person could well be suffering from “the blues”.

There is a well known old song called “singing the blues” ` the singer having being ditched by the love of his life. If true that love rules the world, then being without this vital emotion one can easily feel rotten and down trodden.

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Going Green


Sadly so many people have the notion that being eco-conscious will not make a difference and that only the fanatical types count in this realm.

Every product purchased affects the planet as resources such as water, energy and raw materials are utilized and around the world landfills are increasing at an alarming rate. In the case of poorly governed countries these are collapsing as we frequently witness on our news broadcasts.

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