MotivavtionMotivation is like a fire within, or the “whip” of behaviour like waking up at daybreak to pound the pavement instead of lolling around aimlessly all day.


Motivation should come from within and with it a sense of pride and a feeling of accomplishment that drives one.


Lethargy is man’s worse enemy.

Regarding money, ordinary people wake up,  go to work to get paid,  pay the bills … money being a means to an end.


Logically speaking, they are working for the money, not having true motivation in life but perhaps to fulfil the feelings of desire like owning a luxury car or house.


One may end up rich but without fulfilment deep within.

Some are motivated with a desire to be the best, hate to lose and cannot accept to be number two. These are highly motivated individuals.


Making decisions for what is the best choice and so doing, expectations of gratification result in a pleasant experience, but despite good intentions the results could be otherwise.


The brain is pretty much hardwired and does not forget bad choices made in the past and this will be to an advantage.


Like it or not, we evolved to be fat, furless, lazy bi-peds with large brains.  Prehistoric man had few choices as he had to run and kill for food and these forefather’s activities were energy intensive.


Take note how irate in these times we can become when having to use the stairs when the escalator is out of commission. Is this pure laziness or consumption of time, a privilege unknown to paleolithic man !


In these modern times, we are thoroughly spoilt with choices and consumers have to be realistic that cheap can be expensive.


Purchasing cheap cosmetics can be a bad choice. What seems good today can sacrifice the health of one’s skin tomorrow.


Consider the fact that many manufactures use fillers to add bulk and ethically related; some producers overseas use cheap labour, working in inhumane conditions ` neither is sustainability in place to reduce the carbon foot-print.


Throughout the year Matsimela have promotions and offers but due to the integrity of this company never compromise on quality or customers loyalty.


Matsimela is focused on producing high quality products containing raw ingredients that are ethically sourced that won’t break the bank ! Go on line or travel through to one of our stores for a pure spoil me.


COSMETICS `earthy, real & otherwise

Cosmetics Earthy Real OtherwiseCelebrating the beauty of handmade over machine made, brings artistic merit to everyday functional items. Mass produced items lacking the mark of the maker are nothing more than a sterile process.


Below are highlighted just some of the choices with which consumers are faced, a rather daunting task and being highly educated in these matters is no joke !


Consumers are drawn to the originality of “earthy” products which give one the sense of being protectors of the environment as opposed to many “off the line, to the consumer” produced items with the one aim of ensuring a profit.


Consumers are now better educated and have greater awareness. Gone are the days when natural meant sacrificing effectiveness.


Beauty products that are plant based are coveted, generally termed ORGANIC and are wonderful for complexions with fewer chemicals.


Then again the term NATURAL is not necessarily regulated and the stamp on a label could be misleading as the item may be chocful of chemicals like petroleum.


Any products labelled VEGAN should contain no animal ingredients but could be laden with synthetic chemicals as long as no animals were harmed.


It is quite a revelation that over 82,000 ingredients are used in personal care products with as many as 1-8 having industrial chemicals, having carcinogens, toxins and hormone disruptors.


Readers may ask how authentic are the claims made with regards to absorption of creams and lotions. For example a good body butter should not sit on the surface but migrate to the lower skin cells to attain the best nourishment and this action is important with the application of anti-aging creams, otherwise one might just as well use a hand lotion.


Absorption of products relies on a matter of factors. Firstly, thick skin is more resistant unlike the delicate thin skin beneath then eyes. Intense exfoliation and shaving of the legs, bikini area and underarms allows for better absorption.


Of all the anti-aging products, serums also termed elixirs with very fine molecules have a great success rate. These are packaged in glass phials to protect the active ingredients.


The qualified staff at Matsimela will give guidance with the knowledge that the brand makes no unrealistic claims and delivers the finest products beneficial to YOU.



Womens DayThis day is significant on the 9th of August, a time to celebrate women in South Africa!   According to statistics, there are 28 and a half million women in our country of various cultures, having different values and religious and ethnic beliefs.


Many of these women will have a voice to make a difference, others may never be heard and marginalized, but this does not deter from the importance of being feminine.


Women probably more than men are defined by age and this article will focus on women in various stages of life who can make a difference.


Starting at the bottom of the ladder as it were, young women in their prime have a great future ahead and those who choose not to be stay at home mums will face a number of challenges.  Many in the corporate world will discover a rapid changing landscape in the media and technology and that celebratory culture can be depressing. They may also be less deserving of power in contrast to their male counterparts but can develop the strength to go out and advocate for themselves.


A number of young women opt to be “stay at home” mums which in these times seem almost biblical, but the family can reap great benefits from this choice and the resulting unity can make this choice so worthwhile. These mums should not allow for stagnation and make efforts to be part of the ever changing “outer world”.


Some women on the threshold of retiring, state that this choice can trigger chaos in the head, but ultimately the afforded leisure time soon negates this notion.


Many agree that to be cut loose of the workplace offers a richness of an alternate lifestyle which can incorporate social involvement.


The Dalai Lama once said “ the intelligent way to be selfish is to work for the welfare of others, as the work of the heart is a great source of personal happiness”.


It might come as a surprise that many of today’s elderly women are not old in performance or spirit.


Being exposed to the eternal youth brand machine is not exactly encouraging, but women over the age of sixty should embrace the power of saying goodbye to the notion that all women should try to look young.


In celebration of Women’s day ` Matsimela would like honour you, in all that you are and all that you endeavour to be.


In most African countries there are long standing beliefs concerning gender roles and in many cases women are viewed as less important in society and less deserving of power than men.


Poverty too plays a major role in upliftment to which goverments and social deparrtments have to recognize.



Being Mentally Hi-Jacked

Being Mentally Hi JackedHaving a bad day is one thing, but having a bad life is another !
Constant negativity is a vicious cycle and at the heart of most people with a bad attitude.


No-one can be sweet and pleasant all the time, as this would be annoying and unrealistic, but it is frightening to note that mental afflictions are common to everyone and problematic when becoming intense.


However, owning one’s unhealthy emotions and the problems caused is the first step towards healing and to develop acceptance of oneself and one’s status in the world will go a long way in ensuring a healthy mind.


Some negative emotions affecting people can be as varied as envy, fear, guilt, depression and anger to mention a few. This week’s article will discuss five which are debilitating to one’s sense of peace.


One of the most destructive is bitterness; this being a self-perpetuating condition that drives others away. The affected persons cannot accept love, happiness and respect and are usually frustrated and jealous and unable to accept what has occurred in their lives. These unfortunate souls carry an intense burden.


Insecurity is a common emotion and could be associated with persons who in a fast moving world are unable to cope. This can then lead to bitterness and frustration and the perception that those around them have achieved in one way or another and are contented and successful.


This emotion impedes self awareness and improvement.


Jealousy is virtually impossible to say that one has never experienced this emotion, which probably goes hand-in-hand with envy, but it becomes most destructive when it over-rules and controls one. Jealousy manifests in untold ways, be it one’s position in society or one’s physical appearance and wealth that others have accumulated.


A mature person will realize that life will never be in perfect balance and that some will always have more than others.


Grief is a devastating emotion with so many facets and conflicting feelings caused by the end or change in a familiar pattern of behaviour.


It can sweep over one with intensity or unexpectedly retreat, leaving one in a more stable condition. All individuals will at some time be overwhelmed by grief and deal with this emotion in their own unique way. Our emotional sense of survival can dissipate that dreadful feeling of ongoing despair.


Guilt ' this emotion can also be associated with shame and most frequently arises when one has compromised one’s moral or ethical code such as stealing or lying. A sense of repayment or repairing a situation can or should rectify the underlying guilt. Many origins of guilt are considered to relate to religious and cultural perspectives.


Lastly, in a more light hearted vein, women should not have guilty feelings due to a little self indulgence when caring for the body !


The calming ambience experienced in a spa and a visit to a Matsimela store radiating glorious scents, do wonders for the morale. With beautiful uplifting fragrances in soaks, salts and body butters – this is a must to experience !



Physical Treatments Past and PresentThe human body is so complex, with ten systems interconnected! One can only marvel at this unique organism and that through the ages man has attempted to find methods to relieve pain and discomfort.


Not having today’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology, some rather bizarre treatments came about as mentioned below :


Used in earlier times with a weird, complex concoction of products, people were almost addicted to having enemas and aristocratic hypochondriacs took several scented ones per day.


A well known poison in Chinese traditional medicine was used to cure malaria, syphilis, diabetes and arthritis.


Mouldy bread
This was placed over cuts and sores and as it happens, quite an intelligent choice ' as mould become the forerunner of Penicillin when Louie Pasteur found that certain fungi had the ability to destroy bacteria.

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