Valentines Day

An Expression Of LoveThe 14th of February may be called special as this one day of the year allows for unrestrained sentimentality, albeit sometimes rather corny and unabashedly romantic.


If one is extremely practical, believe not in soul mates and fairy tales and have a notion that love will take care of itself,  then Valentines day will be viewed as a silly holiday that enhances the cash flow for florists, restaurants, card and confectionary makers, not to mention “cutie-pie” stuffed toys with red bows around their necks!


In the opinion of some, the hype around Valentines day is pretty warped and can be cringe-inducing and conjure up baffling expectations that centre on inappropriate, overpriced lingerie and armloads of roses.

Whilst on the subject of roses, 12 red roses have become the definitive symbol of love. The number 12 is symbolic of a cycle, as in the 12 months in a year, our 12 hour clock and the 12 signs of the zodiac. The number 12 across the natural and spiritual world has given it a sacred and mystical quality.


For those who have other preferences, hoards of cards are available; some sweet, others musical, some sexy and others having a caustic flavour. Take for example the card with an illustration of unlocked handcuffs with a caption “unshackled at last“

No doubt a very strong message for those well out of a thorny relationship!


However, despite some rather negative viewpoints of Valentine celebrations,  from archaic pagan ritual to genuine love being expressed,  thousands will honour the day in ways that they feel appropriate.  Adult people may feel that “the boy/girl thing“ is too “syrupy“  and other creative ideas come to mind.

Truly romantic is a celebration on a beach near to sunset. A rug on the sands, a bottle of champagne and love reinforced by the ambience of this romantic setting, nought but the sounds of the crashing waves, the sky streaked with the colours of the setting sun.


Alternatively, inviting a number of couples to a dinner party makes for an intimate celebration. A choice of red items on the dinner table will enhance the theme and a sprinkling of red petals completes the visual appeal. And as a gesture of goodwill,  a small gift alongside each wine glass will enthral the guests!


Matsimela offers a range of classical Valentine gifts this year.  Rich body butters, luxury soy based massage candles, fizz balls and massage oils.

Pop into one of the stores, spend over R300.00 and take advantage of free product to the value of R50.00!



The Interview - Part 2

2nd interview

Hopefully readers gained some knowledge from the first article on this topic and that parental advice will be given to those off-spring ready to launch off into unfamiliar territory with enthusiasm to secure a position in the work-place!


The following suggestions, though may appear to be somewhat common sense, are often overlooked during an interview :

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The Interview - part one

The Job Interview LRWith the arrival of a new year there will be many graduates wishing to seek employment and people already in positions, perhaps wanting a change.


This article will give advice and hopefully conquer fears that the interview is a gruelling experience, however bearing in mind that the manner in which the person conducts him or herself is equally as important as the knowledge to be presented and that the role of an interview could change the course of one’s life.

As there are a myriad of issues to consider

The following recommendations are well worth taking note of ;


Courtesy regarding time

It is essential to rather arrive earlier than too late.

Arriving  in a flurry , gasping for breath gives a very poor first impression. However it is the prerogative of the interviewer to keep one waiting not necessarily apologising or giving an explanation !

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A healthy approach to the new year

A Healthy Approach to the New YearMany can be excused for greeting the new year with intrepidation and for those who over indulged in 2016, well fear not ` as there is good advice in the first article of 2017.


Bypassing that boring topic of dieting, this might be a good time to think of readers having good intentions, but never having joined a gym. There are many advantages to this method of keeping healthy, for example losing excess fat, maintaining good muscle mass and stimulating endorphins in the brain which arouse a feeling of well-being. Although discipline might seem a bit tedious at the start, to be kept focused is important.

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A word of thanks

ThanksThis time of year ` all focus is on shopping, Christmas food and holidays! But, this being the last article of 2016 is an appropriate time to extend my sincere thanks to all those who have taken the trouble to read the weekly articles, and helped support and encourage me to be inspired in the new year.


It is has been a pleasure to share the tid-bits of information, some a bit mundane others with humour, and importantly to give exposure to the unique items that Matsimela produces and to inform readers of new and exciting events and launches and pass this information onto friends.


In closing, I would like to extend my warm wishes to all readers for a safe and joyful festive season and look forward to being with you in the New year.


With kind regards,

Sandy Harvey