Caring for dry skin

It is said that when the elephants eat the fruit of the marula tree, it is then truly ripe, so, there is no reason why humans cannot also have some exhilaration from the extract of the marula nuts, being one of Africa's miracle oils; cold pressed and high in anti-oxidants and vitamins A and E unlike many other oils, this has a high concentration of palmitic acid, which forms a protective coating on dry skin.

Many women shy away from bath oils as some can be sticky and unpleasant to use, but this is not the case with our Marula nut massage blend, as it is too refined to have such an outcome.

Bath oil benefits are endless as they not only inspire a sense of well-being, but literally permeate a bather's skin; nourishing it from the outside to the inside and a great way to relieve fatigue and stress!

marluaAn excellent follow-up is to carry out exfoliation with a loofah or glove using one of our mud scrubs or bath salts, thereafter massaging in one of the Matsimela body butters, a wonderful way to combat dry skin.

Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot have a truly, relaxing spa-like treatment right in your own home!

Lastly, for all nut lovers, take heart ~ the bad rap nuts have gotten, are downright unfair. Eating nuts in moderation can actually lower the risk of heart disease and are an excellent source of protein.

And did you know, that Walnuts have their origin in ancient Persia and were reserved for royalty exclusively, and in the year 3,000 BC the Romans called walnuts “Jupiter’s royal acorn".