Being Mentally Hi-Jacked

Being Mentally Hi JackedHaving a bad day is one thing, but having a bad life is another !
Constant negativity is a vicious cycle and at the heart of most people with a bad attitude.


No-one can be sweet and pleasant all the time, as this would be annoying and unrealistic, but it is frightening to note that mental afflictions are common to everyone and problematic when becoming intense.


However, owning one’s unhealthy emotions and the problems caused is the first step towards healing and to develop acceptance of oneself and one’s status in the world will go a long way in ensuring a healthy mind.


Some negative emotions affecting people can be as varied as envy, fear, guilt, depression and anger to mention a few. This week’s article will discuss five which are debilitating to one’s sense of peace.


One of the most destructive is bitterness; this being a self-perpetuating condition that drives others away. The affected persons cannot accept love, happiness and respect and are usually frustrated and jealous and unable to accept what has occurred in their lives. These unfortunate souls carry an intense burden.


Insecurity is a common emotion and could be associated with persons who in a fast moving world are unable to cope. This can then lead to bitterness and frustration and the perception that those around them have achieved in one way or another and are contented and successful.


This emotion impedes self awareness and improvement.


Jealousy is virtually impossible to say that one has never experienced this emotion, which probably goes hand-in-hand with envy, but it becomes most destructive when it over-rules and controls one. Jealousy manifests in untold ways, be it one’s position in society or one’s physical appearance and wealth that others have accumulated.


A mature person will realize that life will never be in perfect balance and that some will always have more than others.


Grief is a devastating emotion with so many facets and conflicting feelings caused by the end or change in a familiar pattern of behaviour.


It can sweep over one with intensity or unexpectedly retreat, leaving one in a more stable condition. All individuals will at some time be overwhelmed by grief and deal with this emotion in their own unique way. Our emotional sense of survival can dissipate that dreadful feeling of ongoing despair.


Guilt ' this emotion can also be associated with shame and most frequently arises when one has compromised one’s moral or ethical code such as stealing or lying. A sense of repayment or repairing a situation can or should rectify the underlying guilt. Many origins of guilt are considered to relate to religious and cultural perspectives.


Lastly, in a more light hearted vein, women should not have guilty feelings due to a little self indulgence when caring for the body !


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