An Approach to halting animal cruelty


Throughout the civilized world, great thinkers have put forward ideas and theories,  many of which have been revised, criticized, accepted or been downright rejected. One must bear in mind that the great philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and many others lived in the 1800’s.


Much time has passed since then and as life is not static, rather ever evolving, our relationships with nature and all living creatures will hopefully be advantageous to creating a better and more comassionate world.


A current philosopher by the name of Peter Singer focuses on what might be mans arrogance and  I quote “all the arguments to prove man’s superiority cannot shatter the hard fact that animals suffer as much as humans and many of the more advanced species enjoy pleasure as much as do we”.


However, discrimination exists and always will be common place in society. For example, we discriminate between adults and children,  the mentally able or those disadvantaged and the list goes on and on … but why should humans discriminate to such a degree between other species?


Justification no doubt exists due to the fact that we are far more mentally sophisticated. However, should an accident occur causing brain damage, such a human may be rendered less sophisticated than that of an advanced form of primate.


With regards to our culinary habits, readers who are vegetarians or vegans having moral issues with the killing of animals for food will be horrified to know that each year about five billion animals are slaughtered in the United States, much of the population having a near obsessive for meat.


Another contentious issue exists which involves the testing of animals causing great pain and even death.


The testing of cosmetics and toiletries gave rise to the organization “Beauty without Cruelty” shortened to BWC, a South African animal rights organization with a mission to promote non-animal testing with alternative methods to abolish cruelty.  This organization lobbies national, provincial and local and government in this regard.


Since December 2014,  legal action may be taken against any company irregularly using their logo, the bunny, or claiming to be endorsed as a non-testing entity.


It is very uplifting to know that the European Union, India and Israel have banned testing on animals, Brazil now working towards this.


MATSIMELA is proud to announce that none of their products are tested in this outdated and cruel manner & fully support cruelty free in every aspect of their production.