All about Oxygen

Covering HeadIt is perhaps relevant to begin this week’s article by mentioning that the American President, Donald Trump has just withdrawn from the Paris treaty on climate change, the signatories being those in countries who are fighting for less pollution and cleaner air, being a major consideration.


3.5 billion years ago there was no oxygen in the air, yet the first life began to evolve on our planet. Our species later became much smarter due to a rush of blood to the head, this liquid tissue containing oxygen. Should this be halted, one would pass out in seconds.


The air that we breathe in changes from day to day ` even hour to hour, especially in highly urbanized and industrial areas. According to research, the deadliest pollutants are mobile sources like trains, planes and automobiles with factories not far behind.


Ozone is worth a mention being a type of oxygen, a deep layer of which encircles the earth and shields the planet from harmful ultra violet rays.


Much discussion has been around of late regarding holes in the planet’s ozone layer.


Readers have no doubt heard of ions in the air which are relative to the stability of oxygen, being of a positive or negative nature.


These are all around us and even impact on our health and the way we feel.


Positive ions, strangely are detrimental and can affect the lungs and respiratory tract. When these are excessive we may lack energy, feel tense, irritable and out of sorts. They are dominant when using hair dryers,  illumination from fluorescent lights, radiation from televisions and other electrical gadgets.


On the other hand, negative ions have a more wholesome affect. These have the ability to attract dust, moulds and certain allergens thereby acting as purifiers. For the best inhalation, one may ask where are these dominant?  Well near to the ocean, waterfalls and mountainous areas where negative ions exist.  One can also experience negative ions on the palate after a thunderstorm !


A home device called an Ionizer uses electricity to clear toxins by releasing negatively charged particles that attach to airborne impurities.


However, there are apparently negative effects of which to be aware.


Ever wondered in which part of South Africa one would hope to find the purest air?


Well, take a deep breath because the most polluted air which comes as quite a shock is found in Hartebeespoort, probably due to proximity to large cities like Pretoria and Johannesburg! Think about this when next planning a “healthy” day out of doors !!


One cannot choose the air one breathes, but a regular visit to a wellness centre or spa can induce relaxation, better breathing and elimination of toxins within the body.


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