How the seasons affect our skins

How Seasons Affect Our SkinsThe skin that one sports today, is the very same outer shell with which one was born and it is mistaken to think that it is individually understood.


The relationship with one’s skin is complicated, especially when out of the blue bumps, rashes and blotches appear when struggling to achieve dermatological harmony. It has to be understood that skin interacts with the environment and with the 4 seasons particularly.


Whilst still in the throes of hot weather, living in a humid climate (though uncomfortable) does contribute to skin becoming soft and moist, but  has a potential to becoming aggravated due to excessive sebum being produced.


Activities enjoyed in swimming pools can have negative effects as chlorinated chemicals can irritate an already unbalanced skin.


Sadly, there is more bad news as heat and humidity can facilitate bacterial and fungal infections, the latter manifesting as tinea commonly known as ringworm,  a nasty and stubborn infection on various parts of the body but predominantly between the toes. The wearing of open shoes is an advantage and as one dermatologist stated  “a takkie worn in the heat is like the Hilton hotel for a fungus!”


When the heat is unbearable people crank up air conditioners which strip moisture from the skin, not an advantage to those who have delicate, dry complexions.


A vital function of skin is heat control, thus the redness and flushing in hot weather. In order to cool off this largest organ of the body a greater amount of blood flows nearer to skin surface thus distributing heat outward.


Believe it or not, there are many foodstuffs and beverages that one might like to avoid in hot weather as they contribute to excessive perspiring and some like garlic can actually cause smelly skin as it is eliminated via the sweat glands !


Coffee and chocolate containing caffeine, are stimulants as are culprits like chillies that produce heat within the body reacting as it would on a scorching hot day.

Fast foods,  because they basically contain more fat, increase ones metabolic rate to burn the extra kilojoules.


In earlier times, there was much ignorance regarding all of the above, and in addition selected toiletries and cosmetics were just not available. Women in particular were addicted to thick, heavy creams and some rather strange ways of counteracting underarm odours to be discussed in another article.


So in conclusion light and effective cosmetics should be the first consideration for use during the South African summer.

Matsimela have revamped their Aloe vera facial range to fit this requirement. Now manufactured without heavy mineral oils and petroleums, the range is kind to the skin.

The light based toner effectively reduces the flow of excess oil and naturally creates the perfect PH for optimal absorption.