The Interview - part one

The Job Interview LRWith the arrival of a new year there will be many graduates wishing to seek employment and people already in positions, perhaps wanting a change.


This article will give advice and hopefully conquer fears that the interview is a gruelling experience, however bearing in mind that the manner in which the person conducts him or herself is equally as important as the knowledge to be presented and that the role of an interview could change the course of one’s life.

As there are a myriad of issues to consider

The following recommendations are well worth taking note of ;


Courtesy regarding time

It is essential to rather arrive earlier than too late.

Arriving  in a flurry , gasping for breath gives a very poor first impression. However it is the prerogative of the interviewer to keep one waiting not necessarily apologising or giving an explanation !


One’s credentials

All documentation should verify one’s expertise. It goes without saying that all documents, ID etc must be neatly placed in a folder for presentation.

Lying is one of the most unintelligent things imaginable, as the interviewer is no fool.



One cannot go wrong by sitting upright in a chair. Slouching, fiddling with hair, crossing and uncrossing one’s legs or cracking knuckles are most off-putting gestures and signs of insecurity.

Should the interviewer offer to shake one’s hand, the gesture must be reciprocated. It is extremely rude not to do so.

An old saying goes that even the queen wearing white gloves would not ignore the outstretched hand of a coal miner !


In conclusion, it is quite normal to feel anxious prior to an interview. A session of meditation, and gentle , calming massage does much to expel nervous tension. Matsimela Spa


The article to follow will deal with a few more issues essential to a successful interview.