Skincare around the globe

Skin Care Around the WorldSkin care in different parts of the world is dominated by climate, culture, life-style and availability of suitable products.


Beauty is skin deep (or so goes the saying) but that set aside, women from many different walks of life will at some stage think of maintaining a youthful appearance. At this point it might be wise to ignore those famous lines written by Shakespeare about Cleopatra “Age shall not wither her”.

Do bear in mind that this gorgeous female passed away at the youthful age of only 39, whereas in modern times science is extending our life spans!


And so, our travels will take us to a number of continents, our first stop being Africa.


Nigeria has the biggest personal care market and beauty parlours of varying calibre exist. Despite modern western influences, black soap called Dudu-Osun is wildly popular made from the ash of barks, palm oil, shea butter and cocoa pod powder known to remove pigment spots and blemishes. In many African countries loyalty to natural products remains consistent.


Onto the Middle East where mostly harsh and dry climates exist, lacking in humidity essential to hydrate the skin.

In Israel products such as creams and exfoliaters infused with dead sea minerals are well known. Gel like Aloe Vera extracts are said to rejuvenate skin cells and musk rose oil has properties to reduce redness, whereas sweet almond oil contains vitamin E well known for skin care.


Our next stop takes us to Japan where women are known for their unique beauty, perfect skins and longevity due to a diet high in fish containing omega 3 oils, keeping cells supple.  Beauty products tend to be natural and non toxic, created from ingredients like rice bran, camellia oil, seaweed and marine clay.

Japanese women like to be appreciated more for their grace and elegance than for “showy”  overdone make-up.


In total contrast, Scandinavian countries in the arctic regions have harsh and unfriendly climates, so protection of skin from these elements is paramount. Moisturizers are much thicker with mineral inclusions and  many skincare products include coconut oil, extractions from berries and seeds plus mineral water. A collagen boosting serum is formulated from unlikely salmon roe !


As with the Japanese, people in the arctic eat plenty of fish, not lacking in these waters and their diet includes drinking freshly squeezed juices.

Whether one envies or not, due to the lack of strong sunlight Scandinavian women are exposed to, means they are less prone to sun-induced pigmentation.


We cross the Atlantic and travel to the America to Mexico, having an arid climate where the prickly pear cactus grows with amazing extracts included in cosmetics and medicines. The gel-like sap combined with Aloe Vera hugely benefits the skin and together with a binding agent is commonly used to treat acne. Another mask that includes the gel plus honey and clay is a favourite and a scrub that includes tequila [yes, you read it correctly!] plus sea salt and sweet almond oil can only be described as “uniquely Mexican”.


Well readers, hopefully you found this interesting, but our own beautiful country boasts many organic ingredients such as Baobab oil, Marula oil, Rooibos tea extract and Ubuntu Mafura butters to mention a few, all found in the Matsimela product ranges. Go on and try it ! You’ll love it !