Heritage Day in Celebration!

Heritage DayShould one want clarity the meaning of HERITAGE, the dictionary states related words such as ‘inherited’, ‘ancestry’, ‘legacy’, ‘tradition’, ‘culture’ and many more. The word heritage can well be illustrated in the sentences below `


“We shall not hand down to our children this heritage of calamity.” 

This could well mean states of war, greed or family feuds that exist.


“This heritage of ours should be preserved for future generations!”

This could relate to many who made sacrifices in the past  for todays and tomorrows citizens.


“The desire to self-indulge seems to be a heritage of mankind.”

Well, there is no mystery regarding these words !


The creation of Heritage day as a public holiday is one of the newer ones to allow for the celebration of various customs, traditions and our vast diversity.


We are blessed in this country to be able to enjoy the South African world heritage sites such as:


The Cape floral region to experience the Namaqualand daisies in all their glory

The fascinating Cradle of Mankind

The ancient rock art in the Drakensburg and

The great St Lucia wetlands


As South Africans we have inherited delectable foods, a unique fusion of many external cultural influences such as Dutch, French, Indian, African and Malaysian.


These special culinary delights lure visitors back to sample our country and cuisine over and over again.


So fellow South Africans, there is so much out there for the taking !

Lastly the team at MATSIMELA wish all our readers a safe and fulfilling Heritage Day on the 24th of September.