Shapes that influence our world

ShapesDifferent shapes have a psychological effect on our thinking, lead us to make choices and have great power regarding the way in which we purchase products.


Colour combined with shapes adds greater impetus to the above.


Lines or curves that create shapes have meaning and are important building blocks in our visual world. For example, soft flowing lines can create a pleasurable feeling, whereas darker, heavy ones known are more dramatic.


Shapes have an endless variety of characteristics, each communicating a different message. There are basic shapes like round, oval, oblong, triangular and square. These geometric shapes have a regular pattern, easily recognizable and suggest organization and efficiency.


A circle has no beginning or end and represents the eternal whole in every culture. Wheels and balls represent movement and suggest energy and a sense of sensuality.
Squares and oblongs represent conformity and quality. In Buddhist symbolism ' a square (the earth) inside a circle (eternity) represents the association between the life and the divine.


A Triangle such as a pyramid represents purpose and dynamic action.


However, more complexity is involved when different shapes interact with one another for example a round overlapping a square or an oblong that is distorted will draw more attention to the consumer. Even soft curves and jagged lines are meaningful.


As far as manufacturers are concerned, in moving their products off the shelves they know the importance of leading the eye from one design element to another because different shapes stir the emotions unknowingly.


All of the above mentioned shapes illustrated on paper appear lifeless and boring, but are the mainstay in creating physical items. Everything that we touch has 3 dimensions and at this stage we enter the fascinating realm of consumerism.


MATSIMELA has utilized a number of shapes to enhance their packaging. For example fizz balls are round, as are the tubs of body butters. Square and oblong boxes are elegantly transparent for gifts and these visuals provide satisfaction of the superb quality within the range.