For the love of Women !

Womans Day ArticleOn the 9th of August, women throughout South Africa should, regardless of their status, colour or role in society, be treated with dignity and respect.


This newsletter is in recognition of all the beautiful women across South Africa.


Today’s women are no longer the down-trodden persons of earlier times. Through emancipation, women now lead active lives in positions across the spectrum, such as politics, religion, education, the media, medicine, law and trade unions.


This too is a day of women’s solidarity with continual efforts for recognition in social and economic areas, minus discrimination.


Many ordinary women worldwide have through courage, perseverance and determination, created a better environment for others who in the past might have been marginalized.


In society, lesser known women tend to admire those great achievers who receive credits and media coverage for being in elevated positions. Yet many have dormant capabilities yet to be explored & should not be overlooked.


What then may one ask are the ingredients for success?


Those who have arrived at this point all agree that without being deeply passionate one will not be motivated to go beyond a certain point. Having confidence and faith in oneself is the key to moving forward and to not be nervous of taking risks, or to have unrealistic expectations that every “to do list” will be tackled successfully.


Despite heavy schedules, all agree that one must have time for one’s spouse and children and to always acknowledge the input from staff and others who offer support.


In these fast moving times a housewife is often looked down upon and yet she has a fulltime job with no salary, pay rise or annual leave, this being the only job in the world that does not allow for a letter of resignation !


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