The tradition of covering the head

Covering Head1Throughout history, the human head has played a significant role with regard to religion, culture and adornment. However when Neanderthal man wielded a club to his woman’s head showing his authority, little did he or she realize that a bony structure called the skull, probably saved her life.


When one thinks of it, this part of the anatomy offers great protection especially to babies, as these sweet souls are notorious for falling on their heads ' however vigilant a mom may be!


There are many reasons for covering the head to create uniformity as in the navy or military; for protection like a helmet, to keep one warm or create shade from the sun, to hide baldness, for ethnicity, to show status or just for the sake of being fashionable.


In terms of religion, there are many biblical references. For example more formal Christianity requires women to cover the head with a scarf or veil and Moslem women to wear the hijab, part and parcel of the social system of Islam and worn out of modesty, not to attract flattery, envy or sexual attraction.


Orthodox Jewish men wear black brimmed hats, as covering the head is a sign of humility before God or the skullcap, known as the jarmulka to attend synagogue or to wear daily.


It is interesting that during the 1960’s President Kennedy virtually ended the tradition of wearing hats and was the first American president not to wear one during his inauguration.


As for women during the 1800’s, bonnets were very fashionable, adorned with lace, ribbons and flowers and were a highlight during the Easter parade in New York.


The many varieties of hats popular with men are the Panama made from straw, the fedora ' a fabric brimmed hat with an indented crown, the beanie and the ever popular baseball cap which almost eliminates status !


There is a downside to continually covering the head as this could contribute to poor hygiene such as the transference of lice, a build up of a combination of sweat and body oils which contribute to unpleasant odour and breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi.


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