Eyelash Extensions

Topical News 1Extensions may be manufactured from silk, mink, or may be of an acrylic or synthetic nature.
Temporary lashes are worn for short periods of time, usually 1 – 2 days, which is most impractical.


The beauty industry, fortunately has perfected the process of production and application of semi-permanent eyelash extensions, ensuring longer wear and less time wasted in a world that consumes us with commitments.


There are, however, lashes that can have a negative impact, such as those that are not sterile, especially some of the nylon blends, and can lead to infection.


Essentially, the glue, if not having a seal of approval, can lead to allergic reactions, damage to the natural lash, and with incorrect application technique, may even result in a permanent loss of the natural lashes.
Adding to these negatives, the wet and warm environment of the eyelash margin favours bacterial growth.
Even untampered with, the lash follicles are prone to infection, and a stye may result.


The good news is that Matsimela, in conjunction with 3D Beauty, offers products that are stringently designed and developed, and are FDA approved. These high quality products, together with the excellent application technique, result in exquisite eyelash extensions that will not cause the natural lashes to fall out, snap or break. Unlike many other, cheaper products that are currently available in South Africa, 3D-Beauty Eyelash Extensions and the volumising adhesive used, are safe, comfortable to wear, and can be applied to look as natural as the client requires.