Packaging - The Psychology of Colour

Packaging 1Packaging acts as a gateway to a product, and together with colour, is often termed “the silent sales person”.

Perceptions affect consumer behaviour, and involve activities like searching, evaluating, selecting, and finally purchasing, to satisfy ones needs.


Trust and loyalty play an important role too. If consumers return time and again, the seller will feel gratification in the knowledge that he or she is doing something right.


Of course, one cannot neglect impulse buying; this common behaviour is prevalent today, as succumbing to temptation is often related to anxiety, unhappiness and insecurity. The more social and status conscious groups in society, those out to impress others, often fall into this bracket.


Colour has the potential to send powerful messages to consumers. By studying those mentioned below, a seller is likely to be more astute regarding packaging.
Rushing ahead with a new product launch, involving new colour, can cause chaos regarding future sales.


White gives the impression of cleanliness and purity, with uncluttered usage, and is commonly used for baby products.
Black added to white exudes sophistication and elegance.


Black alone is forthright and bold, elegant and classy, and is commonly used in men’s products. The addition of gold or silver lends an expensive touch to black.


Blue is a universally favourite colour, is safe and appeals to both men and women.
The darker tones of blue add seriousness and are noticeably used in the corporate sector.

Pink, though associated with femininity, conveys other meanings too, like warmth and calm, and has non-threatening qualities.


Purple has both religious and royal connotations. Use of this colour can indicate premium quality and individuality.
It is often used as packaging for exotic perfumes and even men’s products.


Red is outstanding and noticeable, and is used when sales commence or products are discounted.
Bright red often relates to less expensive items, whereas deeper reds have a more luxurious feeling.


Green is superb when promoting products that are environmentally friendly and those with a calming and healing effect. Green is frequently used in soaps, after shave lotions and soothing items like moisturizers and toners.


Grey gives the impression of being safe and neutral, but can signify indifference and reserve.
Red added to grey negates the boredom of grey and adds an element of drama.


Brown conjures up images of earthiness and wholesomeness and is the reason why so many health products feature brown, albeit that many taste like cardboard.


The colours in MatsiMela Home Spa ranges indicate just what is intended, and are a guide to those wishing to make a purchase. The colours invite shoppers to take a closer look, to smell the products, and to test them.