Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016Facing up to a new year can be quite a daunting task, rather like marketing a new product, and can be fraught with dangers, especially if the year just ended was problematic in many ways.


While some enjoyed new year parties and new year resolutions, others dread this time of year, perhaps fortified by a lack of achievement in the past year.


Many of the subtleties of human nature can deceive one, as underlying emotions may manifest as good or bad, cheerful, hopeful, or just darn right gloomy.


Regardless of the prevailing mood, however, one could begin with some renewed vigour, albeit lacking the forthright positivity that we often envy in others.


There are an abundance of “feel good” recommendations to avoid falling into the trap of incompetence such as:


“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” I would call this excellent advice for those who plunge headlong into ventures with little thought, the end result being both morally and financially demoralising.
How about those (quite insane, according to Einstein) who carry on doing the same thing year in and year out, expecting different results. The same genius recommends to never stop questioning, as curiosity has a reason for its existence.


The late, incredibly successful, Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, stated, “our time is limited so why waste it living someone else’s life”, to which he added, “life is not easy for any of us, we are all gifted for something and that something can be attained”.
The above quotation is really good advice for young people who often hear from parents that they are useless, unambitious, and demotivated individuals.


Sadly, the world today is in many ways dominated by fear, hatred, conflicts and fanaticism. All the more reason to start the new year with positive actions like compassion, generosity, love, gratitude and contentment.
Lastly, as the writer of the article, I would like to wish all readers a successful and peaceful year ahead.