Staying healthy during the festive season

Staying Healthy smallIt is understandable that, at this time of year, caring for one’s body may take a back seat while matters such as meeting year end deadlines, Christmas shopping and holiday planning take priority.

Intense heat is experienced in Southern Africa during the months ahead, and this can take a toll on one’s body and health.

It is worth mentioning the difference between heatstroke and sunstroke.


Heatstroke occurs when the body’s temperature exceeds 40.6 C degrees and insufficient perspiration results, so that the natural process is unable to cool the body. This condition can be life threatening. Heatstroke is not necessarily associated with exposure to the sun.


Sunstroke, on the other hand, is caused by excessive exposure to the sun. The skin may be badly burned and blistered; the brain fights to regulate temperature control, and nausea and dizziness can occur.


Both are serious conditions.

The 7 tips below will assist in keeping the body and mind in a sound condition:


  1. During the heat of summer one tends to be more sluggish, and fatty foods use much energy to metabolize. Eating light proteins together with salads is preferable. Sufficient water intake is essential and the ingestion of fresh berries is a bonus, with their high levels of anti-oxidants.
  2. One’s thirst will dictate a greater intake of liquids, but going easy on heavy alcoholic drinks is good advice. It is preferable to select those like Sangria and spritzers, which dilute the alcohol considerably, yet are pleasant to drink during the festivities.  The combination of heat and alcohol is a recipe for the onset of nasty headaches too.
  3. Summer is a great time to be out of doors, but the midday sun can play havoc on skin, hair and eyes. A high protection sun block cream is essential, the head covered (or hair masked with conditioner which acts as protection) and sunglasses offering 99% UV block-out, are an absolute must.
  4. Rest goes hand in hand with relaxation. The heat of summer is particularly draining, so one needs to take heed of what the body is saying.
  5. Attention should be given to feet, since they are more exposed at this time of year. Nothing detracts from beauty like dry cracked heels and unkempt toenails. To avoid the sticky feel of creams during the day, the application of a good nourishing product at bedtime will allow for absorption overnight.
  6. Entertaining is no doubt high on the agenda during the festive season. Having huge parties may be a lot of fun and boost one’s morale, but the preparation and aftermath can be quite exhausting. Feeling like a wilted rose when it is all over and done is hardly conducive to good health.
  7. Acting like a martyr while getting things done will go wholly unappreciated. Rather involve family members; this will ease the burden and help spouses and children to appreciate everything that goes into making the festivities happen.


A fun way to wind down after all the work is done might include a little time spent massaging each other’s feet, neck and shoulders. The kids will love it too. A tub of MatsiMela Home Spa’s moisturiser is ideal and will soften young skins which dry out in the summer heat. Spoil yourself with some of our massage oils, or simply use your preferred Body Butter to teach your children how to keep their own skins healthy, while learning the art of caring for, and nurturing one another.