Show your appreciation for all your teachers this festive season

christmas giftsInitially, let us consider why teachers are good for your children.
A good teacher will not accept failure. In other words, he or she will “go the extra mile” to assist a weak pupil. Teachers are trained to have excellent communication skills so that the content of a lesson does not cause lack of understanding. Many are more adaptable than we realise.


For example, after a break in a lesson because of a fire drill, a good teacher will have the ability to pick up where the lesson was left off. In a way, a teacher, for the duration of a lesson, is the boss. This is just as well, as disruptive pupils need to be dealt with. Teachers have to prioritise to be organised, as many lessons have to be prepared months in advance to follow the curriculum.


There is no doubt that home schooling has recently become popular. There is a downside to this, however, as much discipline is needed by both the pupil and the one giving instruction. The stress of getting through each day, plus tutoring, is not always conducive to this method of education.


Let us consider how a teacher’s life can be made a misery because of those situations where parents are difficult and unreasonable. Criticism can be levelled at a teacher, intimating that he or she lacks expertise, that the child is special, that too much homework is brought home (actually a parent’s nightmare), or that the pupil is too bright to be in that particular class, or is being victimized.


Of course there are many misconceptions regarding teachers. Readers may identify with the saying that “teachers are spoiled, as their day ends at 2.00 pm”. Or how about “teaching is a breeze, they get 4 holidays a year”. And the strange notion that “if you have been to school, you can be a teacher”. This one takes the prize: “The lady teacher just has to look beautiful when she scribbles some stuff on the board”.


Beauty aside, a well groomed teacher is a role model for her pupils, and with the year end approaching parents may want to consider a special gift for their children’s teachers, to show appreciation. MatsiMela Home Spa’s Products go hand in hand with beauty and grooming, and a voucher to visit a health spa is an ideal end of year gift. Alternatively, MatsiMela Home Spa has a variety of Gifting options that are beautifully packaged, and easy to buy.