Surviving the Festive Season with MatsiMela Home Spa

presentWhatever sentiments may prevail at this time of year, one cannot get away from the fact that Christmas is fast approaching.


Hopefully this week’s article will offer some advice in keeping sane, and at the same time will enhance an ambiance of goodwill.
Pre-planning eliminates masses of stress and any insecurities that may exist in “delivering successfully on the day”.


The holidays are a marathon, so putting together a plan to help navigate the next few weeks is a good idea, because nothing is quite as disastrous as collapsing in a stressed-out heap.


Firstly, lowering expectations regarding any disasters that could occur, is a big bonus. Feuding families will most likely not reconcile, the ice cream will melt (remember we live in Africa), and the cat’s curiosity will bring down the Christmas tree, with the ensuing fun and games resulting in shredded festive gift wrap.


It is wise to eliminate worries regarding the value of gifts placed under the tree; rather focus on meaningful get-togethers with family and friends. After all, good memories of time together are priceless.


It is also sound advice to select local, seasonal foods for your Christmas meal. What is the point in attempting a Norwegian Christmas, which is just not workable south of the equator, or to feel prey to “what one should do”.
Rather be empowered by your own creative talents. The mundane can be so boring, so rather surprise your family and guests with a “Christmas with a difference”.


On the topic of food, try to maintain the goal of keeping optimal levels of healthy nutrition leading up to the big day. This too will ease the guilt of tucking into the gorgeous array of Christmas treats.


There is such an advantage in carrying out a creative visualization of all that you wish to deliver. This somehow creates a sense of reality and what nicer idea than to reinforce the sentiments of spreading joy over the season by practising Ubuntu, a Xhosa word which means “I am because you are”. Inclusion of all at this time of year is a wonderful way to lift the spirits.


Finally, it makes good sense to eliminate endless, harassing sessions trawling the malls hunting for gifts. Instead of compromising your valuable time and your sanity, opt for browsing through MatsiMela Home Spa’s website. MatsiMela offers an easy way to shop for exciting and affordable gifts that are readily available, beautifully packaged, and a sure way to delight every recipient. MatsiMela’s Corporate and Personalised gifting options make Christmas shopping a true delight.