spiritual healingShamanism may have roots back in time at least two millennia and is a neuro-theological approach, a bridge between scientific and religious perspective.

This method has also been termed a primordial form of spiritual healing with a range of traditional belief and practices that involve the ability to diagnose and cure.

For a better understanding of how the Shaman performs, one must be aware that all living organisms' vibrations resonate at different levels. With regard to the structure of consciousness, different life forms present different challenges for the practitioner or the Shaman, who acts as a messenger between the human and spirit worlds, tapping into the power of mother earth. The focus is to treat ailments by mending the soul, alleviating trauma and to restore a sense of harmony and balance to the body.


It must be borne in mind that the actual ritual is intense and complicated and quite contrary to more familiar western religious ceremony. The Shaman reaches altered states of consciousness to interact with the spiritual world and channel these energies into this world. Not only the human form, but plants, insects and animals all play a role in this practice.

Human emotions are unknown to plants as they do not have feelings and self importance agendas.
Plants experience of "being" in the world is very different from that of animals as they cannot move about so they exist in a state of profound acceptance and peace within themselves.

For this very reason it is extremely sad to see the destruction of all forms of vegetation for unnecessary reasons.
Strange as it may sound to some, we actually communicate with plants on many occasions. The tranquillity felt when gardening or tending for plants, is an attunement to plants around us. Experiencing sadness when plants die is an intense relationship with nature.

Insects and humans are inseparable parts of an all including totality. However, humans do not generally include these little creatures as fellow communicators. Most people if they could would deny insects planetary citizenship. Other than pretty life-forms like ladybirds and butterflies , the human response is wholly that of annihilation. Of all the phobias that humans experience, fear of insects probably dominates.

While grudgingly accepting that insects are vital to our ecology, the common folk are not anxious to share their space with this species.

At the other end of the spectrum, humans are whole-heartedly drawn to certain animals, give love, nurture and a sense of belonging. Animals, despite their "being" do not have self awareness. In other words they are conscious [alive] but lack consciousness.

The shaman will perceive the true nature and essence of the unique souls of animals, and enter the "non-ordinary" realm of communication with these creatures.

Mankind, perhaps at times inappropriately called " the crown of creation" will hopefully not remain disconnected from all of nature due to a perceived state of superiority.

It is consoling to know that the