Welcoming the new year

new yearAs at no other time of year, will new year resolutions abound as now, many of which could become a distant memory a few weeks down the line?

At this point it may be said that " the fault is not in our stars" as we are the masters of our decisions and life is very much about choice, even the wrong choice ultimately being to advantage, difficult as what this is to comprehend.

A journey of a thousand steps commences with that very first step which may lead to roadblocks ahead, reconsideration of deadlines and redefining priorities.

Mankind in an attempt to stabilize the world has tried religion, atheism, capitalism, communism, fascism, democracy, dictatorships, monarchies and education. Unfortunately, supposedly the most highly developed of the species, man has painted himself into a corner.

The reality is that one's life is related to all life on the planet, a need for more should rather reflect gratitude for abundance and acts of justice and kindness become a daily occurrence.

Hospitality is so essential in a world where strangers are feared, enemies hated and those that we term "the others" are shunned.

In the realm of numerology, the number 8 is highly significant in the year 2015. This being determined by adding the numbers 2,0,1 and 5 thus arriving at 8.

The number 8 represents power and money but more importantly, balance. 8 is a great Karmic equalizer that creates as easily as it destroys.

The number 8 can only stand upright when in balance which can be created by reducing the gap so evident in society, having greater tolerance of gender equality.

Non tolerance of religious extremism should be a priority and for those in business, awareness that the financial markets are expected to rise and fall.

To reap what has been sown is another manifestation of balance. May your harvest be a fruitful one!!

Any readers having been born on the 8th of a month [the writer being one!] should, during 2015, work towards a sense of balance in all undertakings for success and peace of mind.

This article ends with some light-hearted and somewhat bizarre recommendations for the year ahead, not so-called average new year resolutions:

Resolve to work with neglected kids - like your own
Promise never again to say "that feels nice" when the man frisks you at the airport
Allow the selfish co-worker to arrive at the office printer minus paper
Take up smoking – this ensures that the needy workers in the tobacco industry have work
Put on weight – Anorexia is scary
When baby-sitting, read horror stories - darn kids are too far removed from reality!!
And on a more positive note, Justine Bieber's new year's resolution "to try not to get arrested more than once in 2015"

The team at MASIMELA wish all our clients a pleasant and successful year ahead and look forward to revealing some exciting new products coming soon!